Conscious Equality

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Biology is survival -- until your consciousness is able to compensate for this instinctual relationship with time -- the world of you, in the world you live in, is going to only be about you. To be inclusive of the needs of others, in the way that compassion requests, is an attribute that’s learned through millions of years of trial and error. Most creatures have already gone through this evolutionary stage, but humans are young -- a recent phenomenon by the measure of all-time . . . not responding with this skill quite yet. This compassion is magical -- where sheer survival is quite logical. Those who are compassionate, conscious and magical are the new evolution. It’s even displayed at the basic level of reproduction. The male delivers sperm -- which is obvious, predictable and very logical. The female controls permission to embrace the process of conception, gestation and an ability to deliver . . . not obvious; quite unpredictable, extremely magical, and clearly beyond male logic. Evolved, conscious and compassionate masculinity -- in nearly every creature on Earth -- serves this unfamiliar process from the position of respect, while honoring the deeper progression of magic.

Unevolved and primitive masculinity wants to control this magic, turn it into logic, and use the powers of predictability to govern it. Because this is not possible, the primitive human male reverts to shame, blame and sexual competitions that entertain its erections, while retaining dominance through logic. He creates opinion pageants that have nothing to do with actual beauty . . . except in a false name and its faux crowns. This is the stage where unevolved humanity sits in this present moment -- a stage where primitive unconsciousness retains the power of ‘en-force-ment’ with masculine logic -- while evolving consciousness desires to retire this primitive ignorance, and honor the true value and significance of the feminine.

Our prayer is that you recognize this moment human life has arrived at; that you open your heart to the progress taking place; that you realize yin and yang are forever equal . . . the GODDESS is quite different, yet equal to GOD.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci