Unreasonable Knowing + Intelligent Concern

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Intuitive faith and trust is knowing without reason . . . an unreasonable knowing. This is the heart centered brain and the brain of the gut . . . the hunch in your gut and the hint in your heart. On the other side of you, there’s your intelligent concern, the doubt that asks for reasons. This is not a bad thing -- it comes from your head brain which has perfect two dimensional value, but it can’t be the exclusive judge if you want success to be fulfillment.

Because you’ve evolved through countless incarnations of survival crisis, you’ve come to rely upon intelligent concern and doubt in order to arrive where you are at this time, but it won’t take you to where you’re going. It’s said in the ancient teachings there’s a place for both, and there’s a must for both . . . intelligent concern with reasonable doubting, must be accompanied by an intuitive faith and trust of unreasonable knowing. This is the balance of a trilogy of perspectives, the head brain’s two dimensions, with the heart brain and gut brain’s other-dimensions. This balance point is a doorway to the master within you . . . the master that’s aware of everything, it’s inside of each and every person. But your 'will' gets in the way, just like in breathing -- you think you’re breathing -- but you’re not breathing, you’re being breathed. When you get in touch with the master that’s breathing you, you’re in touch with the master that’s being you. The great spiritualists always said, “If you’re not being you, there is no you . . . there’s an imposter pretending to be you. That imposter is a painful existence, and it’s that painful existence that’s subsidized by all of this world’s frantic chase to purchase pleasure. This is what humanity is constantly slaving for. But when you let that inner master to be masterful, you’re a witness to the most outstanding performance ever.

Our prayer is that you come to the balance of unreasonable knowing alongside your intelligent concern; that you connect with your head, heart and gut whenever you’re connecting with anyone or anything, and when the door to the master within you opens, you walk through and make yourself at home . . . like you own it.

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