Focus on the ‘What’s Right’

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The ‘what is wrong’ and the ‘what is right’ are of equal quantity and quality in every point of space -- every moment of time. It’s compelling to focus on what’s wrong -- this has always been ‘severely’ coupled to the survival of moments. The negative mind -- trained by these high stakes survival strategies and tactics -- is currently organized by ‘cautious money’ to hesitate in the presence of inspiration -- always look for the pitfalls even when inspired -- don’t be a fool -- it can’t be that magical -- stick with your logical mind even when it decreases the inspiration. This is marketed as being intelligent -- “it's why business works” -- if you’re not working this way, you’re not being smart. It creates a compelling high stress in its presence, and to move away from this feels irresponsible, yet the entire time you’re focused on what's wrong, biologically this is all you can see.

As you work to reduce the momentum of ‘what's wrong’, your psycho-emotional system increases the imagery of urgency to maintain the momentum . . . “don’t be fooled,” the emotions warn. There’s a biological algorithm that’s rarely used, but far more inspiring . . . and more effective too. The simple explanation of this unique human program: you can increase the ‘what is right’ more rapidly than you can decrease the ‘what is wrong’ . . . ultimately they give the same result of solution, but there’s an entirely different experience in the process. This alternative flies in the face of pressure being the best stimulant; of stress being a working positive; of friction leading to positive outcomes, and all those fear-based business, survival-oriented attitudes . . . collected over millions of survival years. This alternative orientation relies on: when the heart-brain is wide open -- the polarities demonstrate the path of inclination where inspiration supersedes desperation.

Our prayer is that you shift to this algorithm; allow your inspiration to run your projects in this way; focus on the ‘what’s right’ and don’t fear being the fool; teach the world by the example of your “intuitive” faith, not the skillsets attached to your “intelligent” concerns.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci