With Sacred Love Always

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Saint Valentine of Rome was a priest whose primary ministry was to those being persecuted for their sacred beliefs. A champion of the common person, and a rival toward the governing class, he pushed limitations so far, and with such passion, that he was ultimately assassinated on February 14, 269 AD. Soon thereafter February 14 became a day for celebrating the idea of this divine love, this selfless service with strong commitment . . . so strong that it overcomes all barriers. As time progressed, St. Valentine’s Day symbolized loving someone, or something, so deeply that you’d invest all life’s energy into it . . . all of life, and beyond life.

This is a magnanimous love, the kind of sensation that opens the doors of forever into eternity. This is the world of a complete surrender; of a merging into the surroundings where the self all but disappears, only to reappear on the wings of innocence, courage and knowing. Here’s where the expression, “falling in love,” refers to these sensations of falling through spacetime . . . a sense of floating and freedom -- so profound -- it knows no bounds. The ancient yogis used this concept of love to describe an ocean within which all life is created with an unyielding commitment to experience existence; then sustained within a guidance field throughout this experience, and delivered back into the ocean of love upon life’s completion. This experience of existence is understood not by the brain, but by the heart -- the first organ created in an embryo. The heart became the symbol of this investment -- the entire living-self dedicated to the experience of love.

Our prayer is that you open your heart this St. Valentine’s day; that you reveal your innocence as well as your courageous insistence, and then build upon those heartfelt dreams in this magnanimous ocean of sacred love.

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