The Lens of Your Ego

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Human intelligence: the Brain’s electromagnetic and chemical relays, synchronized with resonance signals -- the frequency of the Earth -- perceiving through the senses to define life with psycho-emotional markers. It's the vast diversity that excites the senses to the beauty of nature and creation . . . the diversity inspires you. But when people look for the beauty in other people, it’s not the diversity, but the predictability that senses safety, and this safety then allows for the sense of love. These moments take place because in addition to the space you occupy, you also have the measure of time. Time is produced when soul enters the body through the lens of ego.

Throughout life, the ego will either work with your highest denominator of consciousness, or ignore it. When it ignores this, the physical body becomes the primary reference point. The physical body is mortal, and it knows this, so time seems limited and in short supply. The ego then looks for safety in the limitations, rather than abundance in the infinite diversity that’s everywhere. When the sensation of time is not limited, but is infinite, it produces moments of space that appear in your senses to contain all you require or desire . . . right there . . . always. This is the relation of ego and consciousness and the difference is in the angles that consciousness supplies to your point of view. When the vast majority of humanity are under-evolved and ignoring the higher denominators of consciousness, then both time and space will seem limited. Under this influence -- the ego attaches to the lower denominators -- the sense of lack dominates and hoarding proliferates; money becomes the goal, not the trust; logic becomes the governing factor, not a balance to the miracles; predictability reigns supreme, and the grandeur of nature and everything natural become unimportantly at risk as human intelligence becomes unintelligent and falls out of synchronicity with the frequency of the Earth. This is where the world is at today.

Our prayer is that you know you have an answer, and you activate this answer every day with the lens of your ego…make this the time for your life.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci