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Micromorphosis is when life -- sometimes just in parts -- produces massive evolutionary changes through tiny unnoticeable ways. It takes time for these tipping-point changes to unfold, but nature focuses on success and survival. Successful nature is an art as well as a science, and the outcome -- when art is involved -- is stimulated by opinions. Like convincing the world that realities are truths, people must release old rigid habits of “reality” . . . Galileo discovered this in a huge way. Here's a habit that would be critical to change: living for the truth, not dying for it -- this would eliminate the patriarchy; retire the false fervor of patriotism, and ultimately erase the intensity of territorial boundaries that have led to wars, widespread famine, poverty, and inhuman cruelty. What a gift it would be to set humanity free to roam on an ecologically robust planet of abundance.

To do this however, you must fully commit to unconditionally trusting, being radically disruptive, and walking as if consciousness just got sober -- sober from believing you must convert the deeply unconscious into this higher awareness. It's not going to happen . . . it's time for an alternative approach. The Bible warns of this futility -- it says, “Don’t cast pearls before swine.” But this verse supports the mutilation of oysters, and a false supposition that pigs aren’t intelligent. What if you just realized: you can't teach trigonometry, or any higher subject, to a four year old, and the vast majority of humans -- definitely the ruling class -- are scared children. Their two dimensional thinking limits flexibility. Fixated on good ‘v’ bad, right ‘v’ wrong, friend ‘v’ foe, and safe ‘v’ fear -- eliminates stretching their third dimensional space through any amount of fourth dimension time . . . you need a ‘work-around’.

Our prayer is that you master the work-around; deflect the ‘adult-child’s’ attitudes for the moment and concentrate on preaching to the choir . . . most of them are still sleeping, not yet singing. Wake up the choir to a conscious sobriety and produce a tipping-point of micromorphosis . . . little moves producing huge changes.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci