We are the Radical-Disrupters

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Conscious humans must now take uncomfortable actions and become comfortable in the discomfort. Unconsciousness is destroying life by stealing the Earth’s treasury of resources. The solutions aren’t completely known, but now is the time to take the drastic actions that uncover them. Predicted by prophets throughout history; now is when innovative ‘radical-disrupters’ must implement dreams that make no immediate sense, but end up making the difference. You’re an evolutionary reaction to devolution’s departure from sustainability -- humanity has abandoned the heart center as its connection to time and to each other. This disastrous departure began in the North, tens of thousands of years ago with the advancing Ice Ages.

Self-perpetuating psycho-emotional patterns continue to echo this terrifying time into the present and no one’s to blame. Today’s perpetrators of this eco-disaster are just the current lens through which these old terrors are being retained. Carnivores, territorial controls, pillaging, and ‘intra-specie-violence’ are the terrifying echoes from that ancient history. The fourth dimension of time is a gift of breathing life through the heart center . . . the heart still beats out the present moment, but no one’s listening. Today’s world is being destroyed by a slave's version of time measured with money. Two dimensions were corrupted by the dogmas of false theologies, the rights and wrongs that’ve made humans afraid to reach beyond their mortal limits. The third dimension of space was corrupted by the enclosure of land and ownership. Now the fourth dimension of time is being bought and sold . . . creating slaves of everyone, everywhere. It's time to open the fifth dimension -- accessed through dreams and meditations -- a theta-brain-state where creative solutions from higher dimensions solve problems that are here right now.

Our prayer is that you sustain a daily practice to remain in this “dream-state” long enough to open these doors of higher perception; that you reach out on the beams of light-years and capture future solutions for this current moment . . . become a true master . . . discover who you truly are.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci