The Strength of the Many

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Whenever the purpose of life is humane -- emotions are used as tools to gauge life, not guides that command and control it. When emotions control life, life goes out of control. There’s a current pandemic of deep fearful ancient emotions -- more contagious than any physical disease – that’s being abused by the powerful. This control will ultimately turn out of control in the unpredictable nature of the global wars -- where ancient emotions of sheer terror have been stirred into a suicidal peak . . . all in a time that fundamentally has nothing to fear. This current pandemic has been stirred up by the propagation of survival falsehoods . . . a tactic used by oligarchies throughout history to maintain control of the many, by the rule of the few.

But this is the base nature of every failed evolution -- a few become ‘super-strong’ by false “measure” -- then extract all power from the weak, until the system collapses. It’s the nature of every cancer -- the host, which in this case is humanity itself -- will ultimately perish. It’s found in history…every system that’s failed through bloated hierarchy -- every species that’s fallen prey to consuming folly -- all unable to adapt to change. Dinosaurs became so large, they were annihilated by dramatic change…smaller and weaker creatures survived. When emotions and instincts evolve undisciplined, there’s this danger that every species faces. Now is the time where humans face this identical fate. Look around the world and you can see the very few, the most powerful of all the humans by current measures -- which is money -- are gathering crowds around common goals of “surviving”. Such is the nature of crowds, religions, nations, cultures and corporations. The challenge of demise is not in the core of these institutions, but in the emotional and instinctual immaturity of their memberships, and the disadvantage of the advantage taken by the leadership.

Our prayer is that you educate yourself and others to become far more mature; to recognize that it’s not survival of the fittest, but the strength of the many that creates prosperity, and when prosperity is distributed, the entire system prospers.

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