The Brain-Earth Connection

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The human brain is nearly ninety percent water . . . a biological fluid filled with neurology. It’s flexible, extremely adaptive . . . an organ with highly coherent abilities. In order to maintain stability; accuracy of thinking and strategizing; memory storage and recall within this fluidity, there must be synchronization that's consistent.

There's space between the surface of the Earth and the outer ionosphere known as the Earth-Ionosphere-Cavity (EIC). The ionosphere is electrically charged positive and the Earth's surface carries a negative charge, which produces an electrical tension that's discharged in thunderstorms. It sets in motion an extremely low frequency wave that’s constantly circumnavigating the Earth. The wavelength of 7.83 Hz fits most easily into this (EIC) space, which becomes Earth's most dominant standing wave . . . known as the Earth's (Schumann) resonance, and an electro-magnetic field. This is also the exact resonance of the human brain in a deeply relaxed state . . . known as the ‘theta-state’ . . . the frequency of the human brain when dreaming and in deep meditation. Ancient masters have known for thousands of years, and now science is speculating -- this electromagnetic field surrounding the Earth, can record thought waves and act as a global mind. It's a recording mechanism with the capacity to organize and influence collective human consciousness. This global mind has access to the universal mind . . . it's a relay system. When the brain is operating at this level of deep meditation, it accesses the global mind, which in turn accesses the universal mind. This indicates there's an incredible human capacity of enlightenment to influence the collective consciousness of humanity. The way you assist this is to meditate often and let your brain operate at this frequency as long as possible.

Our prayer is that you're a participant in this human ability to influence the global human consciousness; that you're not absorbed by the frenetic, psychotic news babble, and your brain is free to access the universal mind with enlightening influence on the global mind and humanity. Become the change you want to see.

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