Equilibrium Amongst All Life

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Anyone who still believes that humans are a superior form of life on Earth is not paying attention. All life interrelates outside this ‘human-defined’ hierarchy of superiority . . . they relate in a ‘mono-archy’ of equality . . . all at the same level. If you look deeply into the eyes of any animal, you’ll experience them viewing you as equal -- not their master. When you miss this, you miss the relationship . . . you miss the connection beyond the surface of your roles. Your task, in these times of great human insanity, is equilibrium. Your task in the experience of equilibrium, and the equality of all life, is to teach this by example to all that you can. Not to create a defiant opposition to the thoughts of human superiority, but to create the opportunity of an ‘alternative’ view in the minds of those who’ve been indoctrinated by the survival meme.

Humans are biologically herbivores; everything about the human bio-system is that of a plant-eater. This was altered by several catastrophic events over the eons. Whenever the human ancestors ventured into the north, and the ice-ages descended upon them, all the plant-stock of good foods would disappear. In these life-threatening moments, for which there was no other answer, the humans and their ancestors took up killing and eating animals. With this ability to kill and the construction of weapons over time, came the idea of superiority . . . a false conclusion that has been the attitude of every victorious army throughout human history. Just because you can use weapons and kill others, does not make you superior. The human being will not survive with this attitude of superiority. It will only survive when it accepts itself as an equal amongst life and respects life. This will reduce the human activity that’s polluting and destroying and begin to conduct life in harmony.

Our prayer is that you lead this movement; that you act as an example of equilibrium amongst all life, and that you show the incredible health and value of the exquisite meals in a plant-based diet. Live as humans were created to live . . . stewards of this Earth, not as superiors who are devouring it.

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