The Illusion of Limitation

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If you are not experiencing yourself as being everywhere, then where are you, and what do you experience when you’re experiencing that you’re not where you are? Where are you when you experience your experience and don’t experience it everywhere? Such are the questions of existence that the Buddha posed to himself. Believing you’re in some places and some moments, and not in others, he called the cruelty of duality . . . the illusion of limitation. This is the nature of being impossible . . . the nature of not experiencing all life as a relationship with all space and all time.

Your task is to realize that right now is your opportunity to experience everything as possible; that your intention is a handle onto which this quest of life can grasp, and the results of your grasp will either follow this intention, or the chatter of limitation held in your brain. Do this: pose an intentional quest into this chatter and breathe . . . not like you’re taking the breath, or even owning it, but as if you’re receiving a gift. Receive this gift of breath at the very tip of your nose, and sit in the middle of the resulting sensation as the focus of this gift. Become the experience of breathing, not the breather, or the producer, and when you’ve experienced this meditation for a few minutes, you’ll begin to experience yourself as the center of your existence . . . and then like you’re everywhere. Eventually your psyche can gain access to the 'collective universal mind' and then you experience yourself everywhere. This becomes the foundation of intuition. The 'collective universal mind' is like an ocean -- there to serve you with every piece of knowledge you require. This form of conscious breathing is like the pass-code to this infinite database. Learning to use this properly is how intuition can guide you through the brain chatter and other chaotic forces that are always around in life.

Our prayer is that you practice and learn to use your breath to power your intentions through the constant chatter of this world; that you add this meditation to your daily practice, and in this gentle silent way, discover yourself everywhere.

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