Sympathy is a Quick Fix

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Humans on Earth use sympathy . . . no other creature has this emotional tendency as strongly as humans do. Sympathy is an evolutionary feature, when used in proper dosage, it leads to experiencing empathy, which can then become compassion . . . all strong attributes. This evolutionary structure in addition to being an advantage, can also become a trap -- needing and feeding sympathy can create false emotional ‘fulfillment-looping’. In the presence of exhaustion, discouragement, disappointment, betrayal and other similarly charged sensations, sympathy can fulfill an emotional need and diminish one’s extra effort. Without strong monitoring, these false measures can dominate in very sophisticated ways . . . not the least of which is a propensity to almost succeed.

Nearly succeeding brings great swells of sympathy, and when the comforting experience of sympathy exceeds the more arduous and painful efforts of success, there’s an inherent conflict. Since sympathy can entrain empathy, and empathy can ultimately turn into compassion, there’s also great purpose when used properly and managed, but if left without conscious management this instinct to avoid pain becomes defeating. One of the signs of this unmanaged syndrome is found in repeating patterns. When failures occur in similar ways over time, it’s time to dig into these patterns. Discover the common threads in the patterns. The psyche and emotional body will attempt to hide these threads by blaming failures on circumstances, timing, and other people, but the common denominator is always clear evidence . . . these are personal patterns. Humans must maintain a balance on this sympathy asset; it’s essential for everyone wanting to consciously grow.

Our prayer is that you monitor all moments of exhaustion, betrayal, discouragement, and disappointment to make certain they’re valid; whenever you hold anyone, or anything else responsible, triple check this claim against your emotional needs. Realize there’s actually a more advanced path to empathy and compassion and swear off the use of sympathy . . . for like a candy bar, sympathy is a quick fix, but it’s not an actual meal.

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