Nothing’s Ever Impossible

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Quantum science recognizes the reality of time is a single moment . . . past, present, and future are one, a continuum where nothing’s ever impossible. This has zero limits unlike the fourth dimension of perceived time and yet there’s a relationship. It’s this relationship that determines your sense of progress; determines your relation to hope . . . a sensation beyond space and time. Hope determines your mood; mood determines perception, and perception determines your sense of perceived time. This circular time-pattern is controlling -- just below the surface -- most human actions and interactions.

This is why the zero card, the key of the Tarot deck -- a system of divination -- is the Fool. The ‘Fool’ is capable of opening these locks of perception to realms of real-time’s continuum while living in the ‘fantasy-prison’ of three and four dimensions. Within these limited dimensions there are strict governing laws; one of these is ‘Newton's Third Law of Motion’ . . . “for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.” . . . there's always a polarity of forces. This holds people back from actualizing their most outstanding abilities. The Fool, according to mythologies, never knows when their being insulted, and therefore cannot be hindered by any negative reaction to their actions. This is a position you must take if you're going to live an outstanding life . . . of standing out from the crowd. For whenever you're outstanding, there’ll be equal forces pulling you back inside the parameters of being "normal" -- of being "smaller" -- of being more practical and “realistic”. This is the time to be un-cautious, but not unconscious . . . this is the path of the Fool . . . small focused steps producing outstanding moments without stumbling.

Our prayer is that you’re the perfect ‘Fool’ in your outstandingness; that you throw yourself into time and life, in order to have the most upstanding time of your life; that you escape the ‘fantasy-prison’ of limiting dimensions and foolishly deflect the reactions to your greatness.

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