Commit to Forever

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There’s an old saying, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” A little knowledge believes in perfected dances with performance patterns based on the limited views of seemingly seamless habits. This unique sense of self is supported with language and phrasing that intellectually supports this “security”. But within such a brain-dominated environment, actual change and growth is difficult -- deep changes to the where, why and how you’re existing feel threatening, and are defended against with fancy word strings of perceived “great” knowledge.

Herein lies a dilemma for real growth, which is often the aimless motion through gaps in time into unknown spaces of chaos. When perception is focused on “knowingness”, and language supports this little knowledge . . . the required gaps don’t appear, and false knowing defends the seamlessness. The inherent problem in such a “perfected” dance is like the problems of breeding a single bloodline -- weaknesses are multiplied and go unnoticed -- there’s no polarity, or opposition to define them. Polarity and strong opposition creates an inner strength that confidently permits change and needed growth. Enter a deeply committed relationship, one that disrupts this false knowledge with appropriate mirroring, and does so with authority . . . this is the power of committed love; the power of a relationship in which there’s no open exits; this is the power of being cornered by the promise of forever. All the information required for change is present in every moment, but true change takes place when equilibrium is challenged -- this is the deeper nature of evolution. True growth can be chaotic, random, confusing and presented with anxiety. None of these options are attractive to a perfection dancer, but all of these options are present in a “cornered” relationship . . . a fully committed partnership.

Our prayer is that you welcome the disruption of love to receive love; that you relax your dance just enough to allow the missteps of partnering to gain a foothold, and that you welcome the unknown into your knowledge base . . . awakening is endless . . . commit to forever.

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