There Is Always Some Light

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Depression is not deep sadness, it’s the Universal consistencies of tension, pressure, stress, and friction in search of the Universal efficiencies of ease, joy, knowing, and liberation. An inspired life is not a direct assault on depression, it’s a natural result of these Universal natures . . . a play between consistencies and efficiencies. In weather, this same play creates the winds -- a differentiation in pressures -- one of which is called a depression. In life, the “winds of change” are also caused by these differentiations and one of them is also called depression, but it’s not a bad thing . . . it’s just a thing.

‘Wahe Guru’ is an ancient expression meaning GOD that uses this same differentiation within its structure. ‘Wahe’ simply means wow, but ‘Gu’ means darkness . . . ‘Ru’ means light. ‘Guru’ is the total light that comes from total darkness . . . everything comes from absolute nothing. Wahe Guru exclaims, in this fantasmalogical creation of the Cosmos where there’s far more space inside yourself at any moment than there is outside yourself in every moment . . . you're actually made of light inside nothing. Realizing your body is light is one way to lift natural depression . . . your body, and everything about the physical Earth, is the dust of light from the sun. When you slow down your rhythms, you begin to touch these Universal efficiencies that take advantage of this light that’s you. These Universal efficiencies are not about speed, they’re about connection, traction, grip and accuracy, yet they fulfill their time-lines as fast as light. There’s a Native American fable: a young child asks the Grandmother how long it will take to accomplish a task. "Well," she answers slowly, "It should take about a week if you set your mind to it, but if you really hurry, it will take two weeks."

Our prayer is that you take the time it takes to connect; that you allow these connections to bring about the winds of change; that you don’t dwell in the pressures of depression, but ride their winds into inspiration and allow the ease, joy, knowing and liberation, that’s always inspired, to be always here . . . right here . . . right now.

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