Life's a Reflection

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Life's a reflection -- “holes” and “potholes” are an indispensable part of this ‘whole’ picture reflection. But whenever you find yourself inside familiar and repeating holes you must stop and question. Ask yourself to examine the deeper patterns behind this repeating history. These patterns are facets in your interpretation of time, the facets you'll rarely look directly at -- even avoid -- until you can't. Then, when you're no longer able to ignore their patterns, it's usually when you're back inside another hole that feels just as familiar and your energy is being consumed with survival . . . which feels immensely purposeful and meaningful . . . once again, however, the cause disappears amongst the symptoms.

Are you dedicated to the sense of extreme purpose that comes from surviving these "black" holes? Are you addicted to the blame that's a constant reaction to these "life-threatening" forms of lessons? Are you searching the horizons for the reasons rather than acknowledging the common denominator in the repetition? These are healthy questions to question. Sometimes life attempts to decorate your holes; make them look seasonally different, unique from moment to moment, or even livable, but it's far better to realize that these holes are clues to your deeper character patterns. These repeating patterns are the methods evolution uses to explain your life to your life. They’re maps of your deepest weaknesses so they can be healed, and life can resolve all the great depression patterns around these holes with definitive warnings . . . you’ll see the holes coming before you fall in.

Our prayer is that you take full and total responsibility for the holes you fall into; when you're in a hole, explore the entirety of the hole to remove any patterns that attach you to these repeating loops; that you own the holes, discover the familiarities and similarities in your history, and then chart a path with discipline markers to not repeat the patterns. Once you climb out, use these same climbing skills to master the mountains . . . the goals that are everywhere in your life are right there, right now.

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