Duplicate Mastery

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Changing the world is a task that some have accomplished in parts. Cecil Rhodes and Steve Jobs are contrasting examples of world change. Cecil Rhodes created the Rhodes Scholarships -- using the DeBeers diamond fortune and Oxford University -- to exclusively influence the hierarchies of governance. Steve Jobs created hand-held devices that disassemble hierarchies with an inclusive free-global exchange of information. The formula is exacting, not “loosey-goosey” -- global change requires profound technologies (internal and/or external), and attitudes that sustain this technology for a lasting impact.

The religious prophets are an example of internal technologies . . . their effectiveness was in how they lived their lives. For real and lasting change, a “portion” of the world must be aware of it; a portion of that portion must realize it; a portion of that portion must fully actualize it, and a portion of that portion must master this actualization and teach it to others. The idea of these portions was first described in the Bhavishya Purana by Vedic wisdom keepers living thousands of years ago. Their formulas were committed to writing in Sanskrit and speak in percentages of the global population. The underconscious are unable to comprehend, or even consider a higher consciousness. The semiconscious freely speak of it, but are unwilling to actually experience it . . . unwilling to relinquish their personal priorities. The conscious are willing to connect with their higher consciousness, and then there’s a smaller percentage willing to fully discipline, master and teach it. In the past, these masters were quickly iconized and worshipped instead of being mimicked and duplicated. The common path of every major religion runs through this worship of a Master . . . not mimicking and duplicating the mastery. The fact that you’re reading this means you’re capable of duplicating a mastery.

Our prayer is that you apply yourself to your discipline; work toward achieving a mastery that suits you; create a daily practice and practice it daily . . . the world is waiting to change from the example of your highly conscious changes.

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