A Future With Cour-age

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There's a power in the darkness of these darker times that’s forcing courage into daily practice. ‘Cour’ means heart, and ‘age’ means time . . . courage approaches the world from the heart. The heart has neurology imbedded in its muscles -- considered another brain, it’s to be more fully developed in the new evolution. The heart-brain is not exacting and two dimensional like the head-brain; it explores tangents of tangents that can lead to outcomes with little to do with the original intent, then morph the original intent to follow the new opportunities that emerge. This courage of new dimensions looks beyond the two dimensions of right and wrong; good and bad; yes and no; reward and punishment.

Being rewarded for doing right, at the expense of being adventurous, can destroy the path of discovery and eliminate potential solutions. Schools and cultures of the future will teach that faith and trust are found in this heart-brain, and to include these tangents rather than being critical and pushing them away. With this, the future can observe a connectedness beyond the impossibilities of two dimensions, ones that are insights and intuitions when viewed from the heart’s higher-dimensional perspective . . . ones never explored in a culture determined by immediate results. This is the positive power of the heart’s exploration through these dark times . . . an arduous, yet essential voyage into the tangents of tangents -- which morph intentions to match unusual outcomes -- which allow these outcomes to be steps toward original intentions with greater solutions far beyond the “narrows” of the two-dimensional thinking. This adventure shape-shifts characters through characteristics, and allows impossible relationships to transform into heartfelt ones. Though this makes no sense to your logical brain, it’s far superior to logic . . . it’s magic.

Our prayer is that you discover this relationship in your magical heart; that you allow it to flourish without reward beyond your logical views, for this is the next evolution of human consciousness . . . the greater rewards of a magical life . . . the light in the darkness of these dark times.

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