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Humans have developed their collective opinions around primitive emotions. It’s an emotional body -- stuffed full of survival reactions -- that hasn’t been advanced, upgraded, or revitalized for millions of years. Still operating in a perceived danger zone of three dimensions, these emotions hold little truth; are only opinions, but are wrapped in layers of ancient symbology that have zero relationship in modern language. They influence cultures through their symbolic default and dominate the collective subconscious without words. These opinions also desire survival and the collective emotional body supports this. Remember, the Earth was always round, but a “flat-Earth” lived in the fears of collective opinion for centuries.

Today’s darkness of bigotry, territorial insecurity, branding dissimilarities with xenophobia, all have these same deep roots of collective “reality” without facts. It’s another ‘post-truth, flat-Earth’ era of primitive, unrealistic emotions. Even “cosmic” opinions imbedded in religions, cultures, and nationalism need liberating from their primitive emotional support . . . from the mythologies that fan the flames of intolerance. Astronomy is based on the visible three dimensions, but future dimensions -- not yet perceived by human senses -- will liberate many of these fixations about the Universe. The prophets of today’s religions; other masters throughout history, and humans awakening at this very moment, all realize the only way to survival is cooperation throughout the collective body of life, not the exclusivity of emotional needs. The stories and critical opinions that support ancient survival emotions must be rewritten; scientific knowledge of this universe must be expanded . . . it’s time to upgrade the human ‘operating-system’ and realize how endless ‘infinity’ actually is; just how necessary loving all life with humility actually is.

Our prayer is for this systemic reboot; for a global realization that all life is interdependent with all life, and that this interdependence is the power of life’s survival on Earth. “Tag” you’re it . . . now be it, and do it.

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