Tag…You’re It

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The numbers of the wild animals roaming this Earth is essential to the ecosystem, the bio-system, and incarnation’s evolutionary system. It’s already failing and set to fail by even more horrendous numbers very soon. From the global count in 1970, it will fall by two-thirds when the calendar arrives at 2020. You are personally participating in a mass extinction that's destroying the natural world upon which you depend. The analysis, the most comprehensive to date, indicates that animal populations have currently plummeted by fifty-eight percent from 1970 to 2012, and are now on track to reach sixty-seven percent destruction by 2020.

This research was done by the World Wildlife Fund and the Zoological Society of London . . . the scientific study found that the destruction of wild habitats; hunting/poaching/fishing, along with air, water and land pollution were to blame . . . all of this is man-made. This is a revelation that’s beyond just the campaigns of concerned organizations to resolve . . . this is universally personal, and globally imminent. This revelation requires a wholesale shift in the collective human consciousness, and the only way to approach such a catastrophic event is by setting an impersonally personal example . . . by communicating with every breath, and every action you take. This is a challenge to the cultures of this world; to the corporations of the world; a challenge to every individual on the Earth. The only way to meet such a challenge is to reach out and teach out through every relationship you own . . . “tag, you’re it”.

Our prayer is that you’re completely unwilling to sit back and allow this to happen on your watch; that you’re going to make this realization a part of your conscious existence with every breath . . . every moment; that you realize you’re an active part of this problem if you’re not an active ingredient in the solution . . . and with every part of your ego (bigger the better); every part of your physiology and psychology (“crazier” the better), you decide to be a “savior” (one amongst many) that this planet has been waiting for . . . for a very long time. “Tag . . . you’re it.”

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