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Synchronicity is miracle based living. In the vast and endless expanses of the cosmos, infinite proximity is the quantum reality that keeps life evolving. This infinite proximity produces an extraordinarily exact mimicry throughout the various star systems; maintains an evolutionary clarity, and allows your incarnations to take place anywhere throughout the universe; the megaverse, and if you're truly advanced, anywhere throughout the multiverse. Einstein called this the "theory" of twin particles -- but it's a "theory" in name only, because it is, in fact, a pure reality . . . a cosmic law.

This is the perfect communication -- not limited by any mega-amount of space or time -- that allows your incarnations to take place in one galaxy or universe, and then pick up in subsequent incarnations in another galaxy, or another universe, or even beyond this measure the next time around . . . all without the slightest flaw. This exact mimicry produces the realization of invariable synchronicity . . . miracle-based living . . . the condition of your 'spirit' being in constant union with the universal 'soul' . . . the dance of Atma (individual spirit) and Paramatma (universal soul). Your higher consciousness is always aware of this harmonic dance; tuning in to this with your consciousness allows you to enjoy its coordination, cooperation, and phenomenal comforts within every experience of your daily life. It puts the prayer of the Buddha into perfect action . . . "Wherever you are to be, you shall be; whoever you are to meet, you shall meet; whatever you're to say, you shall say, and what you are to accomplish, is already done." The star-system in which your life is currently being lived greets you with your accumulative destiny as a gift of fulfillment. All of this is pre-programmed into your DNA with the excitatory neurons targeting postsynaptic neurons and glandular cells to cause your thoughts and feelings to unfold as guides . . . rather than disruptions or disturbances.

Our prayer is that you accept this gift of synchronicity from the infinite grace, and live with it as your lifestyle and life-cycle . . . a perfect guidance system.

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