Time Of The Heart 

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Conscious growth lies in the unknown, that which is there for you, but not yet known to you. It’s courage that permits you to explore this great region of both the actual and virtual worlds. The word courage means “a time of the heart”. . . “cour” means heart, and “age” means time. This time of the heart allows you to explore the unknown, and as you grow into it, you make it known. This is inspiration . . . courage transforming unknowns into safe zones. The dichotomy is, until you feel safe, your heart is closed -- when you feel safe, your heart opens up . . . when your heart opens, you feel safe.

This cycle of higher consciousness requires a spark to light it . . . this spark is faith . . . leaping into this unknown. Unlike a vicious cycle -- this courageous cycle holds the keys to your future. Faith allows you to move forward through inspiration . . . the vicious cycle of fear freezes you in the known past. There’s an ‘interactive-mind’ and a ‘universal-mind’. The ‘interactive-mind’ -- accessed through your head-brain -- is the collection of memories and opinions . . . the known territories of the old all jumbled together. With this mind running your life, there’s zero inspiration from achieving anything new. This mind fills time with attractive distractions; being busy protecting territories, but never exploring the unknown. This is modern humanity descending into territorial protection, corruption, violence, war and terror. On the other side there’s the ‘universal-mind’ -- accessed through the heart – it’s a collection of everything that’s never been known; inspiration from achieving something new and compelling; the transformation of uncertainty that comes from conscious growth. In the midst of all this -- in the environments explored with your open heart -- you’re driven by caring for others not competing with them . . . your breath plants the seeds for a future of mutual benefit.

Our prayer is that you take these leaps of faith; that you create through inspiration and open your heart with courage; that you establish a new evolution of conscious growth, and set this as your example for others to follow.

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