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In every moment of psycho-emotional slavery -- the inability to resist thoughts and feelings from controlling life -- there’s a parallel version running free and unnoticed alongside this experience. Parallel to every moment filled with worry -- without faith; afraid -- without trust, and littered with plans abandoned in doubt, there’s the same plans awaiting fulfillment and success awaiting your experience . . . like an alternate universe, always right there.

Being a slave to thoughts and feelings is normal, but when it intensifies it’s agony. Agony is an agent of great change . . . it’s nature. Begin by realizing you’re the one feeling your feelings . . . loosen their strength by becoming their witness. You can make choices as a witness . . . believe you can. First, be aware there’s this parallelism . . . this opens the potential for its freedom. Second, believe you can step into it. Third, give yourself the authority to do so. Fourth, make your move on pure faith. This turns emotions and feelings into tools for life, not the rules for life. They’re physically powerful and seem real, but they’re only memories of human opinions all jumbled together in the ‘interactive-mind’. Feelings are often parts of the shells that protect seeds . . . the seeds that contain dreams. Not to be owned as absolute commands, feelings are to be honed to take command of the seed. They’re not to be obeyed, but until you break their spell, they’ll assure you that they are. A carpenter doesn’t obey the hammer -- the hammer is respected and used as a tool. The tools of feelings and thoughts are helpful -- at times essential -- they can build, and destroy your moments.

Our prayer is that until you’re their master, don’t be their slave; that you take deep inhales through your nose and exhale through your mouth whenever these tools of your psycho-emotional body try to take over command; that you make a determination with your determination whenever there’s anxiety, frustration, or anger . . . and allow the vision that comes with this breath, to expose the parallel version right alongside this moment . . . it’s the version with momentum going forward in your dream.

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