A Limitless Future Within This Moment  

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There’s a meditative process -- practiced by yogis for thousands of years -- known (in English) as ‘deep etheric lucid dreaming’ (DELD). Lucid dreaming uses the theta-state (dream-state) of the brain while conscious. The world, as you experience it normally, is actually an assortment of attitudes, opinions and views, which work as filters attached to your senses, feelings and ‘emotional memory’ . . . emotions distort this moment from previous moments. D.E.L.D. allows the brain to capture screens of your reticular memory -- ancient notes from your incarnate past -- held as vital instincts in the brain’s reticular activating system (RAS). This consciousness of the ancient memory, can guide you through the lessons of this lifetime, by using the essence of what’s already been mastered.

Because the RAS is awake during sleep, it’s a perfect avenue for lucid dreaming to access this core of your filters that hold the emotional keys. This meditation is a deep visualization process that travels through millions of incarnations . . . just the visual essence . . . none of the details. By descending through this matrix of natural imagery, you use ancient essences to activate current neurons in the brain’s limbic “classifier”. This meditation changes the endocrine “conversations” going on throughout your limbic system -- you optimize your current “dream”, through a collective awareness of your ancient past. Real changes result in your ‘stimulus-response’ mechanics. This is how great masters pass through their moments so easily . . . with all these emotional filters at their command, they turn them off, and pass through the “what is” -- instead of wrestling with the “what is appearing” -- always distorted by the filters of emotional memory. In other words, they experience the reality of each moment, without maya distorting it from history.

Our prayer is that you begin this meditative process through daily yoga, deep breathing, and forgiveness; that you prepare the ground for the present moment, using gratitude from your deep collective past, and that you open the doors to a limitless future within this moment.

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