The New Voyage Of The Spirit

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Seven million years ago your ancestors began standing -- it took four million years to master this balance, and from that moment to now, nature has been modifying human anatomy for one ultimate purpose . . . maximum awareness; processing subtle energy, and achieving enlightenment. You’ve arrived . . . you’re crossing over from the old purpose of survival and aggression, to an entirely new era. All of the survival emotions based in fear are obsolete, but they’re refusing to leave, and this is where evolution becomes dangerous.

A two-legged animal that’s developed such magnificent intelligence, must discard its emotional insecurity, or it will destroy itself. Like a multi-stage rocket, if the previous stages remain attached, the whole journey will falter and fail. The new evolutionary intention, the one that’s available if you’re paying attention, is a world of innocent curiosity, with profoundly non-logical discoveries. It reaches beyond these three dimensions of space and the fourth dimension of time . . . it’s not about territorial ownership of any kind . . . it’s about sharing the commons . . . what’s common to nurturing all life. The human child is born helpless and innocent, and takes longer to mature than any other species . . . these initial frailties cause all children to experience the worlds beyond this world, the worlds of awareness, creativity, and higher consciousness. Being born physically helpless, aides in this journey. Countless millions have used evolution for this new assignment, but their actions have been buried by the aggression of the masses who’ve not. History is always written by the “victors”, and human history is littered with the stories of victorious aggression against far more conscious -- non-aggressive -- indigenous cultures. For eons humans have evolved these bodies for this moment in time to arrive. These bodies are now finely tuned instruments, completely prepared for the new voyage of the spirit.

Our prayer is that you begin this voyage; that you use your body to explore its highest purpose; that you welcome the awareness that’s already there . . . just waiting for you to take notice and share.

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