The Center-Point Of Your Life

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GOD has been the topic of admiration, discussion, competition and war for thousands of years. GOD has been whatever a culture defined it as -- but oddly -- GOD cannot actually be defined by that which GOD created . . . nothing can define its maker. And this has been the challenge at the core of all disharmony and violence between humans without awareness. Yogi Bhajan teased that GOD was an acronym . . . G.enerates-O.ganizes-D.elivers. Synchronicity, conscious mimicry, parallel symmetry, and absolute identity are dance partners with this generating-organizing-delivering force . . . and to dance in this dance, is to live in a 'miracle-based' life.

As the prayer of the Buddha said, “The places you are to be, you shall be; the people you’re to meet, you shall meet; the words you’re to speak, you shall speak, and the success you are to have, you shall have. When this synchronicity moves with such parallel symmetry, there’s an equally conscious mimicry that delivers an absolute GOD-like identity, but with no idea of the true vastness that’s involved. This is where heartfelt humility comes in, for with this process of GOD-like synchronicity, the focal-point of awareness must move from being exclusively with the brain, to being balanced . . . primarily with the heart, and yet extremely inclusive of the brain. It moves from intellect alone, to an intuitive-wisdom where synchronicity -- with all of its conscious mimicry, parallel symmetry, and absolute identity resides. This is living a miracle-based life; this is being the change you want to see in the world. This is the path of time that produces the changes you choose . . . with zero competition and constant forgiveness. When you live at this center-point, there's nothing beyond your reach . . . like the ‘genie in the bottle’, “your wish is the only command.”

Our prayer is that you find your way to this center-point of your life; that you live in a miracle-based environment of synchronicity, and that you defer all of the glory to that which G.enerates-O.ganizes-D.elivers the magic in your miracles . . . experience the experience of the “time of your life” with all of the time in your life.

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