It’s Not Random

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Riding on the 'code-tales' of existence, through the ‘breath-trails’ of your life, there are deep cellular memories -- stories from long before “ago” -- whose parts you've encountered through the chronology of lifetimes. This can assist your final assault on the highest mountain of your purpose . . . liberation from the cycles of birthing and dying. Within these ‘tales’ are the ‘codes’ -- the lessons you’ve encountered both cosmologically and genealogically. Lifetimes of ‘in-spirit-tional’ trial and error are combined with the parts that you’ve physically encountered, but never personally encountered . . . the ancestral codes in the DNA of your lineage.

In this way, and in this very moment, your lineage is focused on the path of your legacy . . . seven generations of ancestors are all assisting your efforts as you climb this “mountain” breath by breath. The great masters are whispering in your ears with each breath of the climb, “Don’t leave this mountain before you make your impression . . . place the imprint of your life on the legacy of Earth . . . for the only thing that matters to eternity, is the memory of you.” With all of your ancestors helping, and with the masters by your side, the chances are very good that now is the time to start making such a difference; that now is the time to accumulate your memory and engage this great story. And in the midst of all this, hold firm to the values that do make a difference, for values are like the soul -- they’re a never ending common thread that perfectly weaves your life into the fabric of time. Values enter with the breath -- they capture your 'thought-voice' echoing in the throat, and ride the breath into your heart . . . and from there into each cell. These values mix with those ‘code-tales’ in your cellular memory to design the patterns through which your life expresses itself.

Our prayer is that, in the midst of all this, you’re constantly conscious; your awake to the process and connecting with each step; that you realize it’s not random, but part of a much larger plan . . . and within all the stories, you locate a purpose for your life, right there, amongst the ‘codes’ in the ‘tales’.

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