Surrender And Soar

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When you completely surrender into your destiny, you’ll experience a loft beneath your being -- like a wind beneath the wings of your life. The visceral explanation -- the body’s response to this feeling -- is a profound freedom that you've only experienced at your own moment of birth . . . a strange, foreign introduction into these four dimensions of spacetime and life.

The loft beneath your body is a flying that feels like falling . . . a birthing that feels like dying. In the ancient “East” it was called “riding the dragon” . . . the indigenous people of the “West” called it “riding the stallion”. In such moments the certainty of success mix chaotically with the thoughts of demise -- the combination of fulfilling every dream, and disappearing into oblivion ‘haunt’ in this chaos. This is what stands at the threshold of your surrender . . . you arrive at this level of fulfillment through countless lifetimes of deep longing . . . you’ve come home, but you’ve lost the wanting . . . the longing . . . the desires. This sense of lift is frighteningly strange, and the human tendency is to reach back into the more predictable sensations of wanting and desiring . . . a natural reflex to create that which will disengage the fulfillment, and re-engage the struggle. The countless reasons why success is no longer wanted, and the ‘wanting’ is your better friend, ricochet throughout your thoughts and feelings. Convincing reasons why surrendering is worse than foolish, flash within your mind. This is the origin of “original sin” to the Christians, and the “fraud factor” to the Vedic yogis, where fulfillment is such a shock to the system, that the brain translates this shock as you’ve done something "very wrong." Circumstances can then shapeshift to confirm this “fact” -- as failure is often plucked from the jaws of success in such moments.

Our prayer is that you find the loft under your wings; that you feel the body of that terrifying dragon beneath your life and surrender through the fear; work with the success of its strange uplifting ways, and willingly ride the risk . . . accept the success . . . and fulfill the destiny of your ‘forever’.

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