Stir up Your Creativity

Stir Up Your Creativity

Sat Nam Dear Ones,

You are a creative miracle. You are bliss in every breath. You are the designer of this moment. Times of severe challenge require our most courageous creativity. Otherwise we can succumb to an imbalance of anger and frustration and our creativity dissolves into the devastation. Reactions distract us from solutions. It is time to rise up in your vast creative capacity. This 30-minute yoga and meditation practice empowers you to transform your time and space by identifying and applying creative responses. With tenacity and joy you will help humanity ease up on competing and combating and accelerate a global safe harbor of harmony. In this class, learn how to:

- Activate and channel energy centers in your body to stir up your creativity

- Strengthen your ability to identify creative solutions in the face of fierce obstacles

- Experience a deep meditative state to elevate your joy and enhance your effectiveness

Trout Taylor