Courage over Fear

Sat Nam Dear Ones,

All emotions are ever present in the collective system of life and each one has value. Our goal is not to repress or rid ourselves of them, rather our calling is to leverage emotions with consciousness and conjure up the most potent recipe in each moment. Imagine constantly knocking over the spice rack into the soup you’re cooking, compared with adding just the right amount and combination to make each bite dazzle with depth of flavor and experience. Emotions are indeed a choice. Yes – even with multiple cooks in the kitchen! Let us choose wisely...and may we have ample compassion and humor when we don’t. This 45-minute Kundalini yoga and meditation practice provides techniques to consciously understand, harness, and coordinate your emotions and apply them with precision. In this class learn how to:

  • Intuitively access the most effective emotions as tools, such as replacing the energy of the kidneys (fear-based) with the energy of the heart (courage-based).

  • Expand your courage so your intentions may manifest themselves fully.

  • Connect to the rhythm of your heart to give and receive with ease and balance.

Always with Sacred Love, Blessings, Prayer & Gratitude,
Guru Singh & Guruperkarma Kaur

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Trout Taylor