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We offer an experience of community; of coming together to learn, grow, expand, and express. To live with compassion and love; gently and enthusiastically encouraging you to evolve with self-love, self-acceptance and inner fullness. We’re here to point you in the direction of mastery; to lead with heart and courage, and create enlightenment as a daily practice.


Guru Singh

Electric, vital, and vibrant, Guru Singh is a celebrated third-generation yogi, master spiritual teacher, author, and musician who gracefully brings ancient spiritual practices and philosophies into the now with ease, humanity, humility and a healthy dose of humour. He fuses Eastern mysticism into Western pragmatism in an accessible and transformative way.

He is a student of the masters Paramahansa Yogananda and Yogi Bhajan, and shares their dedication to an enriched and enlightened life. Rooted in the principles of Humanology, Kundalini yoga, meditation, and sacred sound, he teaches conscious living through classes, workshops, trainings and conversations that inspire the minds, hearts and souls of his globe-spanning students.

Guruperkarma kaur

The dynamic and spirited center of the family, Guruperkarma Kaur offers a nurturing and focused presence to the Guru Singh global community. She’s a model of grace and inspiration for the students she nurtures and inspires.

She listens carefully, teaches eloquently and shares unconditionally to uplift with care. A devoted student and teacher, her service to the world expresses itself in her commitment to the ongoing education and growth of the Kundalini community, inspiring a global audience with the wisdom and vitality of herself and her partnership with Guru Singh.

Where to Find Us

We travel globally to teach, offer workshops and lead teacher trainings. And, when landed in our home of Los Angeles, serve students through regular classes at Yoga West.

Our Philosophy

Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Humanology was brought to the West in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. We aim to create the bridge between the lessons inherent in human evolution and one’s spiritual unfolding—their spiritual standing up—through these ancient philosophies. A spiritual standing up mimics how primates evolved into what we now call humans, a short four million years ago. Primates physically stood up to secure basic needs: food and shelter. Standing up spiritually is a process of discovery and purification; of alignment of our physical, emotional and mental bodies. Which, once aligned, connect us to a sense of Self with a strength never experienced before.

When we stand up for our higher Self and the wellbeing of all living beings, we are destined to experience cellular happiness and fulfillment. It’s our deep belief that Kundalini Yoga—the ‘Yoga of Awareness’—is an access point to this spiritual standing up; this access to a sense of joy, ease, peace, calm and completion. Kundalini appeals to students from every walk of life because of its accessibility; a practitioner of Kundalini can fully engage worldly responsibilities while still achieving enlightenment. Kundalini Yoga aligns the body, mind and spirit through yogic postures, conscious breath, deep meditation and chanting, giving the practitioner access to their full potential.

Teaching through both science and spirituality generates meaningful experiences for all our students. Whether it's podcast listeners or in-person class participants, or teachers we have trained to students we support one-on-one, we aim to empower individuals to build an inspired, fulfilled experience. We believe that this should be a reality that is accessible and attainable for all.



Our prayer is that you take time in this time here now; hold your family in its highest place; expand your sense of the family tree to include more branches than you can reasonably imagine.