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    Connect The Connections

      All animals — large and small — may appear to not understand what you’re doing and saying, but this is an illusion of the human misunderstanding. This is the same misunderstanding illusion that has humans as the only creatures believing in war as a solution. All other creatures are tuned into far more than

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    Limitless Harmonic Motion

      Waves of time are like standing waves of sound, they don’t actually go anywhere, but rise and fall in place. The passage of time is a figment of the mind as it stores these rising and falling moments into memory . . . with all their ideas, concepts and meanings traveling nowhere and everywhere.

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    You Believe You See It All…

      Humans believe themselves to be the highest form of life on this planet, and this is because of paying very little attention to what’s really going on in the world beyond the intellect. And in this, human perception is significantly limited. You believe you see it all, but you only receive and perceive a

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    Suit Up, Show Up, and Keep Up

      The overall cosmic tradition behind successful growth is for all “things” throughout spacetime, to progress slow and steady . . . along with a few of the more radical spurts. It’s the path of lowered resistance, where slower actions produce slower reactions. This has been the median for growth throughout the history of time,

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    A Warrior or A Victim

      Denying the power of an adversary is not a state of denial . . . denying that an adversary has power . . . is. This is a fundamental difference between denying and denial . . . between a warrior and a victim. A warrior acts to deny the power of its opposition —

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    We Are the Original Alternatives

      Herbivores are sharing animals — carnivores are territorial, aggressive and competing. It’s the descendants of the carnivorous ones — the barbarians — that have dominated the Earth over these past millennia. They spread ideas where might becomes the right of leadership; ownership becomes the goal of usage; hoarding becomes the habit of owning, and

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    These Times of Benevolent Mastery

      As a human consciousness — powered by soul — you use the strands of your DNA to spend a lifetime within the family you’ve incarnated through. Much like one uses a property — a home to live in — when you leave the property, it’s up to you to leave it in a better

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    Observe and Absorb

    You meet a person and you’re meeting more than a person in a moment, you’re meeting a journey. Every step has had four quadrants . . . gathering – balancing – acting – collecting. And all steps, with all their quadrants, have taken place before the moment at hand . . . yet all are

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    Take a Mindful Approach

      When working toward your higher consciousness, it’s important to understand the history of humanity, and how the collective human consciousness arrived where it is today. There were parts of this Earth — back when the archaic-pre-humans were first migrating between 1,500,000 and 500,000 years ago — that were overrun by devastating ice-ages. In addition

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    Connect to the Power of Forever

      Of the Buddha, his followers throughout their many lifetimes often said, “During the sixty-six trillion, million aeons that he will live, may I continuously be his student, and uphold the teachings without forgetting.” Then, with all this being promised during the lifetimes, after he passed into nirvana they reported: “His teachings will remain vibrating

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