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Free Classes

The Transformation Point of Life Class date: 11/15/2016 40:36 Download
Prophets in the World of Profits VIDEO 44:18 Download
October 20, 2016 Class Video-Lecture VIDEO 46:30 Download
October 20, 2016 Class Video-Mantra VIDEO 12:23 Download
The Synchronicity Class date: 10/18/2016 32:11 Download
The Human Balance Sheet Class date: 10/4/2016 24:18 Download
Make Every Room Your Home Class date: 10/2/2016 50:44 Download
3 Ways for Processing Infinite Information Class date: 9/29/2016 33:47 Download
VIDEO: Celebrating Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday 2016 VIDEO Download
VIDEO: Recognize Your Debt as an Indication of Your Value VIDEO Download
The Cosmos is in Total Balance Class date: 9/20/2016 30:35 Download
Rising in Awareness Class date: 8/14/2016 35:30 Download
Life Happens Through You Class date: 9/18/2016 31:28 Download
A Miracle Base Life Class date: 9/15/2016 43:23 Download
Master the Belief System Class date: 9/15/2016 23:13 Download
You are Equal Class date: 8/21/2016 39:12 Download
Reflections of Sun & Moon Class date: 8/14/2016 34:43 Download
Lecture in Vancouver BC, Love – the Power of Kundalini Class date: 8/7/2016 1hr Download
Crystals of Deep Sensing Class date: 7/31/2016 41:58 Download
Deep Sensing Class date: 7/28/2016 31:32 Download
Understanding the Dimensions Class date: 7/26/2016 36:19 Download
Devotionally Intuit the Moment Class date: 7/24/2016 37:18 Download
You are a Prophet Class date: 7/21/2016 41:18 Download
The Human Star Class date: 7/19/2016 30:00 Download
You are the Masters Class date 7/17//2016 28:37 Download
Life Connected to Destiny Class date: 714//2016 33:14 Download
Authority, Right, Advantage Class date: 7/12/2016 19:38 Download
Life is Perception & Response Class date: 7/10/2016 35:37 Download
Beyond Phobias Class date: 7/5/2016 34:13 Download
The Cosmic Blueprint Class date: 7/5/2016 32:09 Download
Freedom & Liberty, July 4, 2016 Class date: 7/4/2016 2.5hr Download
Take the Risk to be You Class date: 4/28/2016 40:00 Download
Experience the Experience Class date: 4/26/2016 40:00 Download
Aad Guray Namay (Meditation in Seattle) Class date: 4/17/2016 05:34 Download
Mind & Meditation – Ocean of Love Class date: 4/17/2016 40:00 Download
Mind & Meditation – Lines of Outline Class date: 4/16/2016 40:00 Download
Being Carefree Class date: 4/14/2016 40:00 Download
Mantra of Equality Class date: 4/12/2016 40:00 Download
Tuning Your Instrument Class date: 4/10/2016 38:41 Download
Lecture & Class at Sat Nam Fest Class date: 4/9/2016 1.5 hr Download
The Universal Equality Class date: 4/7/2016 38:56 Download
Directions to Destiny Class date: 4/5/2016 36:38 Download
Be the Equilibrium Class date: 4/3/2016 23:44 Download
Narayan — the Ocean of Love Class date: 3/31/2016 34:12 Download
Aspirations are Your Destiny & Yoga Set Class date: 3/24/2016 1.5hr Download
Kripalu Lectures: Sunday Morning Class date: 3/20/2016 1.5 hr Download
Kripalu Lectures: Saturday Morning Class date: 3/19/2016 1.5 hr Download
Kripalu Lectures: Saturday Afternoon Class date: 3/19/2016 1.5 hr Download
Kripalu Lectures: Friday Evening Class date: 3/18/2016 1.5 hr Download
Stretch into the body; Establish Identity; Become Infinity Class date: 3/15/2016 56:41 Download
Level 2 Conscious Communication Chapter 3 Class date: 3/13/2016 36:22 Download
Aging is a Memorized Habit Class date: 2/23/2016 37:01 Download
Dying for the Courage to Live Class date: 2/18/2016 35:46 Download
Sublimation of Consciousness Class date: 2/16/2016 30:42 Download
Deathless Death Class date: 2/14/2016 49:22 Download
Your Angle of Projection Class date: 2/13/2016 30:27 Download
Being the Person You Were Born to Be Class date: 2/11/2016 39:49 Download
Life Follows the Music of the Heart Class date: 2/7/2016 1.5hr Download
Assisting not Resisting your Life Class date: 2/4/2016 40:50 Download
Bend Your Mistakes into Corrections Class date: 2/2/2016 41:05 Download
Be Out of Your Safe Zone Class date: 1/31/2016 31:26 Download
Be the Unreasonable Ocean of Love Class date: 1/28/2016 40:44 Download
Love is a Universal Constant Class date: 1/24/2016 21:23 Download
The Human Commons of the Soul Class date: 1/21/2016 31:20 Download
Developing Inspiration with Each Breath Class date: 1/19/2016 45:55 Download
The Importance of Polarity Class date: 1/17/2016 35:35 Download
Using Your Innocent Belief Class date: 1/14/2016 39:15 Download
I Am Who I Am Class date: 1/12/2016 35:02 Download
Kundalini Building Health Class date: 1/10/2016 28:08 Download
The River’s Destiny is the Ocean Class date: 1/8/2016 42:02 Download
New Years Eve Class date: 12/31/2015 3hrs Download
The Human Tendency 21:43 Download
Evolution’s New Stage 44:35 Download
Winter Solstice Lecture & Meditations: A Year of Union 2hrs Download
The Power of Self Value 43:55 Download
Your Higher Mind 32:23 Download
Intuition is a Topographical Map 34:50 Download
You are the Chairman of Your Board 38:26 Download
Being Your Core Self 50:35 Download
Enter the Unknown to Solve the Known 31:33 Download
Solutions and Solutions 25:09 Download
Interacting in the World 40:56 Download
Be the Map Maker to Your Core Value 48:40 Download
Sailing the Oceans of Life 38:31 Download
The Human Miracle 42:04 Download
The Authority of Self Love 36:32 Download
Create Your Own Reality 39:25 Download
The Dimensions of Awareness 35:36 Download
You are Consciousness 1h45 Download
Become Your Radical Intuition 36:39 Download
Keep Your New Worth High 27:12 Download
Circulating The True You 42.21 Download
Rise Up

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4.21 Download

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