• Posted on: 24th May 2016 / in: Connection, GuruSingh, Relationships

    Practice Being Bold Enough

    People are always curious, how to know if what they’re sensing is intuition, or just an emotional charge. The answer is usually quite simple, intuition leaves no emotional trail; does not arrive with even the slightest emotional attachment . . . not even a tiny one. Intuition is an exellence of your total awareness; arrives

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  • Posted on: 23rd May 2016 / in: GuruSingh, Love

    Master of your Environment

    There’s no being in love and being out of love — not the way it’s used in current conversations — that’s just a fantasy expression. Love is a universal constant – abundantly, everywhere always. You’re always in love, you reside in an ocean of it. Saying unconditional love is like saying ‘love—love’ . . .

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  • Posted on: 22nd May 2016 / in: Brain, GuruSingh

    Awaken to this Journey

    Medical science has discovered that ninety percent of the brain’s energy is being used in ways that are unknown; totally unaccounted for. Where does this energy go? What’s it doing? None of these questions have yet been answered by science. Considering that your brain uses twenty percent of your body’s total energy output, this medical

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  • Posted on: 21st May 2016 / in: Connection, GuruSingh

    Stop Interpreting and Start Listening

    When you want to connect; when you want to create a relationship, the most vital action to take is to deeply listen. All relationships and connections are circles . . . enclosed combinations of projections and receptions. Amongst humans, and any creature with verbal communication, reception is listening — projection is expressing. Sunia is the

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  • Posted on: 20th May 2016 / in: Gravity/Levity, GuruSingh, Space-Time

    Allow for Your Real Nature to Become Your Human Nature

    Gravity has been around since the beginning of matter. When no one understood what gravity was, and how it worked, the world was “flat.” But even when the world was “flat,” the world was round . . . that’s the omnipresence of gravity. Wind has also been around since the beginning of matter, yet it

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  • Posted on: 19th May 2016 / in: Connection, GuruSingh, Space-Time

    Your Pets

    Here’s your world — a gift of life from ‘Infinity’. ‘Infinity’ is the giver with the ability to deliver anything and produce everything. One of the best parts of this world of gifts is when you’re ready and able to receive them . . . and then, working on your ‘willingness to receive’ is the

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  • Posted on: 18th May 2016 / in: Breathing, Evolution, GuruSingh

    The Inhales and Exhales of Life

    Every moment is experienced in the microcosm of your breathing. Every breath is completely new; every moment is completely reborn within the breath. Inspiration means ‘in-spirit’ — it’s rebirthing into the new and unfamiliar. If you require safety, if you need it to be obvious in the foreground, then you will bring old memory into

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  • Posted on: 17th May 2016 / in: Commitment, Connection, GuruSingh

    Live in Unity

    The ‘Hubble Space Telescope’ has recently picked up stunning images of two galaxies merging and forming a new giant elliptical mega-galaxy. It seems — when examining data from ancient micro-wave signals — these merging mega-galaxies are occuring far more often now than at any time over the billions of years in the history of this

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  • Posted on: 16th May 2016 / in: Commitment, GuruSingh, Space-Time


    Space-time — commonly referred to as ‘reality’ — is perceived remarkably different by different observers. With all their different ‘velocities’ . . . those unique perceptions produce opinions, conclusions, decisions, and ultimately the supporting thoughts and feelings. It’s a fact of science — every person has their own unique ‘velocity’ like a virtual fingerprint. These

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  • Posted on: 15th May 2016 / in: Brain, GuruSingh

    Solve the Unsolvable

    In the human body you’ve been given many subtle components that — if you learn how to use them — can connect you to your greatest resources. This is the next evolution . . . mastering this human equipment and mastering life, but the world avoids this phase with over consumption and war. Everything that’s

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