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    Survival Of The Fit

    The year 2010, the year of three, is the year of finding the advantage in the disadvantage. Finding the angle of advantage in the disadvantage. It’s the year of grisht ashram, which means practical enlightenment. Enligh tenment that allows you to live on earth in the twenty-first century fully functioning as a masterful self-realized liberated being. As population grows, as technology grows,

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    Everybody who looks at you gives you a message with a look. You need to learn to read the messaging and you will be able to know what it is that you are in everyone’s eyes. Then half the conversation’s in the world would stop. I observe my reflection, which is what we just described. When you sit in that

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    We work on two systems of the nerves both the sympathetic and the parasympathetic, the central nervous system. We work on the ones above the diaphragm and we work on the ones below the diaphragm. The ones above the diaphragm are known as the brachial nerves and the brachial nerves are all about caring and sharing. Everything from the diaphragm

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    The Anatomy

    You should know the anatomy, you should know what feelings come from what glands and organs and what feelings mix with what glands and what organs. What foods can cause a feeling to be felt. What postures, what attitudes will cause feelings to be nullified. The reason you should be able to work with your feelings that way

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    Being Completely At Home

    Dynamic silence is to be able to sit in any environment being completely at home. Absolutely no angst and no concern and in that environment because you are not projecting angst or concern into that environment, you get a full sensation of the environment. It’s called appreciation. Appreciation has this idea that you like something. It doesn’t actually mean that you like

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    Most Sophisticated Piece of Equipment

    You have the most sophisticated piece of equipment on the planet and you’re sitting in it right now and all you use it for is like a truck so you can move your brain around. So you can use it here doing this and then carry your brain over here to communicate with this then carry it over here to

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    How Do You feel?

    How many of you have ever been in school before? Raise your hand. What if the first day of school, you found a package at your door. You opened up the package and you found an amorous quantity of textbooks but they were very unique textbooks because the pages weren’t in any particular order nor were the pages

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    Without Conflict Within Conflict

    Having conversations with our closest ones is very important because there needs to be an agreement since they are the ones that challenge us the most. My wife and I have those conversations all the time because if we didn’t, our conflicts would look like everybody else’s because it’s not about not having conflict. That is impossible.

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    In meditation, the vispassana, the silence is that we are determining whether or not we have the capacity in this moment to be impressed by the impression or are twisting and moving and yelling and doing all these things that can’t take an impression. A little bit like they say when you’re having your teeth x-rayed, you know. Be very

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    Alone On The Journey II

    Guru Nanak said five hundred years ago, the journey to enlightenment is a big topic and that’s just a thumbnail sketch though it seems like an epic poem. So he wrote an epic poem. Has thirty-six versus and takes twenty minutes to recite it but on the sixteenth verse which is called a puri, on the sixteenth puri he thinks he

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