• Posted on: 18th April 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    The Breath We Are Currently Breathing (Part I)

    Living in “normal” worldly consciousness, one perceives and then prefers the perceived to be a particular way – either somewhat different or a great deal different. This produces the tension of preference, and time arises from this tension and agitation. The past is created from a memory of preference in the breath we’re currently breathing.

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  • Posted on: 17th April 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    Make Peace with Everything

    How many times have you caught a ball? Do you know that we don’t actually “catch”” a ball, but rather set up and wait for the ball to arrive? It is the calculations and calibrations before the ball arrives – no matter how short or long this takes – that determines the accuracy of the

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  • Posted on: 16th April 2014 / in: GuruSingh, Teaching

    Blessing of the day from Guru Singh

    How the blessings of our lives can hide amongst the challenges and dramas is the fuel that maintains the mystery. Being calm and neutral in the face of this mystery is the fuel that contains our mastery.  Our prayer is for your mastery. Sat Nam.

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  • Posted on: 15th April 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    Shunya: The Infinite Void

    In meta-physics, we know that the universe is only a part of a far vaster multi-verse. Each individual universe within this multiple system has its own central sun, the “bang” driving creation forward. Like bacterial spores in a petri dish, these spots of creation have sprouted in more than one location at once. Like the

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  • Posted on: 14th April 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    The Five Levels Of Human Development

    There are five levels to the full development of human consciousness. It is scheduled to unfold within the following chronology: 0 to 3 years old – envy and frustration 3 to 7 years old – jealousy and anger 7 to 12 years old – observation and determination 12 to 18 years old – imagination and

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  • Posted on: 11th April 2014 / in: GuruSingh, Meditation

    The Room You’re In Is Your Home

    When you walk into a room, make it your home. Then, help everyone in the room to feel at home as well. Remember that you are uniquely you and you have every right to be exactly that. Do not try to fit in, you fit perfectly in you. In the course of human life, under

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  • Posted on: 10th April 2014 / in: Teaching

    It’s a Girl!!!

    Congratulations to Guru Singh and Guruperkarma who just became grandparents to Narayan Kaur Khalsa MacGowan. Guru Singh received the news while teaching this past Sunday at Yoga West in LA – this audio clip captures the moment.    

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    Safe Is Not A Place

    Safe is not a state of being, it is not a place. It is a state that invokes feelings that in turn invoke perceptions, which create a sense of the pace at which appears to pass. These perceptions, as well as the pace, all influence the value of the “place” you perceive as your location.

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  • Posted on: 9th April 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

    We arrive at all conclusions via a complex subset of micro decisions that lead to larger sub decisions, which work their way up to decisions, then macro decisions and on to conclusions and eventually hardened opinions. Most of this takes place in the subconscious brain, but all by chain of unconscious psychological commands. Some of

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  • Posted on: 8th April 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    You Have Come, and You Will Go

    This physical world is a lifetime of learning that you have come and you will go. It is one of the fundamental laws of this world – the impermanence of the physical body. It displays the permanence of spirit. If you are upset by the impermanence of this world, you are constantly struggling against spirit.

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