• Posted on: 28th November 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    Commitment: Do Not Hide In The Eye Of The Storm

    Life in a human form is not meant to be agonizing or hard but the moment you go for your dream, you are going to have to pass through that section of gut wrenching agony because you gathered it all around you. In order not to hide in the eye of the storm but break

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  • Posted on: 27th November 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    Desires: Your Gifts Are Revealed By Your Desires

    There are clues about your gift in your desires. When you say: ” I desire that this should happen but I don’t think it will ” . . . you’ve just recognized a clue to your gift and then denied your Self the opportunity to expose your gift. Now this is very normal conversation, this

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  • Posted on: 26th November 2014 / in: GuruSingh, Planet Ashram, Prayer

    A Thanksgiving Prayer from Yogi Bhajan

    A Thanksgiving Prayer from Yogi Bhajan Thanksgiving 1971 “Our thanks to every such environments where man is supposed to grow in peace and harmony, in love and in tranquility. Our thanks to all that what is graceful around us and also our thanks to all that what forces us to become graceful. Our thanks to

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    The Indian Thief: A Story About The Power Of Intention

    Back in ancient India there was a thief. He had been a thief his entire life, born to a family who had been thieves for generations. All he knew was how to take. On this particular day, he goes into a village and begins to do his job, but he is quickly discovered by the villagers

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  • Posted on: 25th November 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    Building Trust

    What are the avenues that you take to actually build something that you can trust? The most important thing is to slow down your brain waves. The more rapid the brain rate is, the more gaps there are between the frames of the brain. The more gaps there are between the frames of the brain

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  • Posted on: 24th November 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    An Airplane Story: Trust That You Will Arrive At Your Destination

    Let’s say you get on an airplane after walking through a departure gate that says “New York.” You’re not yet in New York, but you are on a plane that you trust is bound for New York. So if you board the plane called Self, and you decide that that you want to go to

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  • Posted on: 21st November 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    It Is Already There — You Just Need To Wake Yourself Up

    There is nothing to seek, happiness exists in every cell of your body. An animal seeks pleasure and safety, but a human delivers happiness with consciousness. Liberation means that you liberate yourself from all attachments. The micro attachments are the hardest to define. Each moment is made up of an assemblage of micro attachments that

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  • Posted on: 20th November 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    Adjust With the Winds of Time – Move Forward Powered By Your Challenge

    Your fears, doubts and trepidations are all limiters that stand between you and your destiny. They’re like the Buddha’s demons, they are not there to guide you away or to move you astray, they are there to be overcome, to be neutralized. Does anybody have a challenge that doesn’t look like their challenge? The calibration

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  • Posted on: 19th November 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    Anger Is Determination And With Determination You Can Move Mountains

    If you can shift your perspective then you’re working with magic. Magic is the woman. Logic is the man. Logic makes the rules and magic has none. The way you feel is a composite drawing, it’s not a reality. The way you feel is a composite drawing: the nose from here, the eyes from here,

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  • Posted on: 18th November 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    The Only Constant Guarantee is Change – Allow It To Take Place

    Some claim that they are not just attached to some old methodology . . . an old ideology or an old perspective but who haven’t actually grown into this moment. That is where the pinch is between those who are holding on for dear life and those who want to catch up with present moment.

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