• Posted on: 6th February 2016 / in: Identity, Time

    reach the core of your being

    The experience of your existence is a point of perception that began within your consciousness billions of years ago on the vast oceans of time. This perception has traveled on these waves for so long now that no one remembers their origins, but ‘origins’ are essential to awakening your consciousness. One simple law to remember,

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  • Posted on: 5th February 2016 / in: Brain, Time

    threshold of infinity

    There’s a superhuman opportunity in the current version of life — it’s a new evolution — a new calculation for meaning — a brand new era. It’s your existence on freedom arriving at this opportunity in the midst of your higher awareness . . . it’s the perfect storm. You can discover your place of

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  • Posted on: 28th January 2016 / in: Chanting, Identity, Relationships

    cycles of life

    The songs of your life are like fleece, a fabric from the trash of ancient ages. Fleece is the recycling of something that once served a completely different function in the past; now it has a new purpose, a brand new life — like your current incarnation . . . a recycling of all your

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  • Posted on: 19th January 2016 / in: Commitment, Identity, Relationships

    completely unique & outstanding

    Over the course of centuries, the original teachings of mystical, experiential, and spiritual mastery, have been reduced to the rituals of ceremonial traditions. When an essential component of the human experience is removed in this way, the lack of essence — something you intuitively know should be there — creates a gap in the collective

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  • Posted on: 11th January 2016 / in: Breathing, Chanting, Chanting, Language, Time

    sing, laugh, share, dance & prosper

    Daily life, with memory and anticipation, delivers opportunities of joy and upset on a moment to moment basis. The question is, which ones are you going to buy, which ones are you going to subscribe to, or rent — even if you choose to not purchase. A true life skill is saying yes, or no

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  • Posted on: 10th January 2016 / in: Buddha, Teaching

    grateful for guidance

    The Buddha would say, “Discomfort is my friend, for when I sit with it long enough, it will naturally turn into joy.” In fact, sitting with any emotion, or sensation, is a skill of mindfulness, it drills down through the noise of any moment to get to the base of the moment . . .

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  • Posted on: 9th January 2016 / in: Nature, Pressure, Sound, Story, Time

    the light of tomorrow

    High power electron microscopes have revealed crystal structures in your DNA and many other crystal formations throughout your body, particularly the brain, spine, heart, hands and feet. They all transmit the light through your life —  extremely evident in the brain, where these crystals have formed mirrors inside lenses inside prisms; mirrors inside mirrors; prisms

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  • Posted on: 8th January 2016 / in: Commitment, Conscious Parenting

    pure intentions

    Think of these two common phrases: “What on Earth are you doing?” and another one,  “Oh, for heaven’s sake.” Put them together and it spells out what’s truly needed in this world today: “What on Earth are you doing for heaven’s sake?” What are you doing today for tomorrow . . . what are you

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  • Posted on: 7th January 2016 / in: Brain, Chanting, Identity

    always in love

    In the depth of love, your inclination is to abandon every need for safety, every mechanism of security that you have. You’re now open to “incidents” — sometimes called accidents — that naturally take place without motive; cause injury (physical, emotional or mental) without intention; develop misunderstandings without purpose. To be safe and secure in

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  • Posted on: 6th January 2016 / in: Breathing, Commitment, Identity, Relationships, Time

    being exactly who you are

    Wisdom keepers have said, “The distance between you and your enlightenment is the length of your spine, and the time it takes to get there, is the amount you want it to.” This may seem too simple and perhaps unrealistic to you, but if you think about it . . . all matter is energy

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