• Posted on: 27th March 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog


    Scientists recently discovered the ability to manipulate, what are called, spacetime crystals — a form of matter that plays by different rules, and defies a basic law of physics. In the ‘third law of motion’, “For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction,” the world of three and four dimensions holds to the set

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  • Posted on: 26th March 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Recognize Your Unlimited Capacity

    All of today’s ecological, psychological, and sociological dilemmas can be reverse engineered by those who activate their higher consciousness. There’s never been this many people, with this much emotional corruption on any planet, and it’s unsustainable. But by the laws of physics — the third law of motion where the opposite is always equal —

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  • Posted on: 25th March 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    The Nature of Tolerant Times

    Physical existence is a sensation of space and time, where time overlays space in an illusion — established as a fact — by the limitations of memory, and the human senses. The rapid evolution of the compassionate heart-brain, and the reintroduction of the connecting gut-brain, are vital in these chaotic times, where humanity fixates, and

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  • Posted on: 24th March 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Awaken Your Inner-Technology

    Cut a magnet in half, it becomes two smaller ones; do it again, you get four, and so on until you’re nearly down to magnetic nothing. But the smaller magnets become, the more unstable they become — they flip polarities randomly and often. Physicists, however, have recently created a stable magnet from a single atom

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  • Posted on: 23rd March 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Creation and Knowing

    Everything that humans have invented on the outside, can be found replicating something on the inside. There’s a ‘cosmic common’, “Nothing can be created beyond the reach of what’s creating it.” Looking at everything that has advanced human life from the use of fire; invention of the wheel; spoken and written language — and in

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  • Posted on: 22nd March 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Connecting Spirit to Spirit

    The subtle anatomy of the human being, is what connects this physical life to Spirit. It’s made up of many different “bodies” and systems, each one layering inside the other, through dimensions within the space that’s occupied by your physical body. Having a conscious relationship with these other aspects of a world within your world

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  • Posted on: 21st March 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Know the Truth

    It’s important to differentiate ‘reality’ from ‘historical fantasy’ in today’s climate of conflict. Anthropology understands that “whiteness”, or Caucasian complexion, is the genetic alteration of the original darker pigmentation. It was necessity — too little sunlight north of the Caucus Mountains — where migration there caused this color loss. Today, now that the “Ice-ages” have

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  • Posted on: 20th March 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog


    There have been many discoveries, and even active theories that demonstrate all planets are living beings. This is widely shared amongst those in metaphysics, but also now within astro-physics. And if this is actually the way the universe works — that objects are alive even if we can’t recognize their life-form — then certainly the

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  • Posted on: 19th March 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Illogical Kindness

    Time is the sensation of space moving through a point of reference. This sensation creates “reality” which has two halves. In fact, reality is far from being real. One half of reality is the realm of logic – it’s masculine; it’s predictable; it’s measureable, and identifiable . . . it’s the patriarchy. The other half

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  • Posted on: 18th March 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog


    In the progression of life through time, it’s important to remember that time does not actually exist. It’s the sensation of space moving through a point of reference, and in the case of human awareness, the heart is that reference point. In all animals, the heart is the physical instrument that keeps time, and this

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