• Posted on: 27th January 2015 / in: GuruSingh

    Our Stories

    Your story identifies how far you are from now. Your story identifies how separate you are from this moment of existence, the only moment that is truly alive. So what are you doing in your life? Are you frantically spinning that story, or are you trying to unravel it? Are you creating more distance, or

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  • Posted on: 26th January 2015 / in: GuruSingh

    Trust the Universe

    If you can see life as it is by not wanting it to be different, you lock into the moment completely and you can move that moment to the end result. How can you move anything to an end result without a desire? What defines the end result? It becomes, as it should become, the

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  • Posted on: 23rd January 2015 / in: GuruSingh


    Can you look at someone you are closely related to and not want them to be different? You can’t. We all have an image. Yet to be able to look at someone, to experience them without wanting them to be different will allow you for the first time ever to experience them as they are.

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  • Posted on: 22nd January 2015 / in: GuruSingh

    Human Potential

    Without scientific instruments, yogis knew the distance to the sun, the speed of light, the distance to the moon and all of the planets. They had Vedic astrology and ayurvedic medicine all worked out, because in those days human beings had an additional sense known as the botanical sense. Just as you can smell or

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  • Posted on: 21st January 2015 / in: GuruSingh


    The Vedas were the way in which extreme consciousness developed in a time when very little was going on in terms of the human brain. Language had barely begun. Though it had indeed been around for a few hundred thousand years, it was an indicative rather then a communicative language. As they sat in real

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  • Posted on: 16th January 2015 / in: GuruSingh

    The Bell Curve

    Your family has an opinion and you inherited that opinion. It isn’t real, it’s an opinion. But you believe it to such an extent that you base your life upon it, you make all your decisions based on it. It isn’t real. Don’t ask for it to be explained. Why would you want something that isn’t real to

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  • Posted on: 15th January 2015 / in: GuruSingh

    At A Crossroad

    The human being right now is at a crossroads because we’re gaining the human capacity to understand the cosmos but we’ve lost the physical capacity to work with it because over the last two, three, four hundred years, we have been depleting our soils and now we have so many people living on the planet that we don’t

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  • Posted on: 14th January 2015 / in: GuruSingh

    Inventing The Sail

    So when you told someone standing on the beach and the wind was striking you and almost knocking you down, you said to somebody, one day I am going to catch that wind and I am going to sail on a boat across that ocean. They would look at you and go,clinically insane. The solar system has these

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  • Posted on: 13th January 2015 / in: GuruSingh

    Dirt Does Not Run Downhill

    Yogi Bhajan always said : ”Being upset is a set up”. Don’t set yourself up to be upset. You need to abolish these incredibly absurd opinions because actually they’re not your opinions either. They’re genetically programmed. You learned them both through your DNA, you also learned them in the womb and then you learned them fresh out of

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  • Posted on: 12th January 2015 / in: GuruSingh

    The Force of Gravity

    We say, you’re stressing me out, or this is too much pressure, I can’t take it.We actually blame our experience of the force of gravity onto someone who has nothing to do with our experience or the force of gravity and yet, it’s a concept that we’ve passed on from generation to generation and we all agreed

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