• Posted on: 29th July 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    Where Is Your Commitment? (Part II)

    Without releasing the shackles of this body centric need, which honors feelings over growth, you will be forever dancing to the uncommitted beat that progresses only part way towards your goals. We call this the “halfway-dance” and it takes place in the “comfort lounge” on the “first floor” of your “halfway house.” It is in

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  • Posted on: 28th July 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    Where Is Your Commitment? (Part I)

    To be consistently growing in the midst of life’s changes, charges and challenges, we must constantly check with ourselves: “am I committed to being right, or to feeling good, or to growing?” Then remember that growth doesn’t always feel good or vice versa, nor is one going to always be considered “right” by the rest.

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    Healing Plants

    The healing property of medical plants has evolved over the millennia using micro-steps as a means of protecting the plant from outside invaders. There little steps of incremental protection allow the plant to avoid a total invasion. However, every action has an equal reaction. If these moves of cure were too large or fast, the

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    The Passage of Time (Part II)

    Every human has the inherent capacity to perceive and interpret time this way. However, most haven’t activated the “equipment” yet. The world at large discredits such attempts to engage this view by branding it as weird, crazy or dreaming. This way of viewing life and the world is a human skill that can be activated

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    The Passage of Time (Part I)

    The passage of time is like an hourglass where the grains of sand are moments passing through the narrows of present space – this narrows is measured in time as “now.” Sand that has fallen through is called the “past” and the one still waiting to fall is the “future.” However, remember that there is

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    When a man commits to a position, occupying no dimension and projecting limitlessly forever – this is a liberated man. When a woman trusts the imagination of her total vision, agreeing to her limitlessness forever, this is a liberated woman. When there are united – the man and the woman, the man and the man,

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    The Placeholder, Experiencer and Phenomenon

    Every person has the opportunity to be one of three personas in life – the Placeholder, Experiencer and Phenomenon. A Placeholder remains on the same page of the book of life throughout the days, weeks, months and years and specializes in this status masquerading as stability. Called conservative, it attempts to conserve what already is,

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    “The best laid plans…,” “The road to hell is paved with..,” and “Money is the root of…” – all these one-liners state the same fact; any strong intention will consistently receive strong resistance. This is the physical dynamics of life – of our world – of this universe. “For every action, there is an equal

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    Freedom is a human requirement. It is a collective common like water and air. It allows you to live your life as a mission, not an omission, not requiring permission. This freedom is essential to the fulfillment of life’s purpose. Freedom will manifest either your greatest dreams or your worst nightmares. Whichever one you place

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    Ayurveda’s Branches

    Ayurveda is the oldest health science on Earth. It has eight branches – Rasayana is one of them. Ayurveda (‘ayur’ means science and ‘veda’ means life) deals with measuring, transforming and revitalizing all of the inner energies that sustain a healthy life. Rasayana works with the most vital of these energies. ‘Rasa’ is essence and

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