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    Biology & Cosmology

    The essence of mastery isn’t that you actually do something, it’s that you allow that which already is to awaken in your consciousness. Any distance you place between yourself and that guarantee is creating a thought and it’s creating an emotion and it’s creating a desire to get back to the guarantee. That thought, that

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    Begin to Exist

    If you trust that your identity exists, you won’t need it to be proven to you in each moment. The more you need it to be proven to you in each moment, the more the internal noise will take over and the more external challenges and dilemmas will take place. All this does is prove

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    Fashion Two Arrows

    Identify a purpose and mentally fashion two arrows with feathers of guidance and a shaft that is exact in one pointedness. Fashion these two arrows and place them in your quiver because you are going to use them to hit the mark of your intention. Breathe right now and make no other sound.  The breath

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    “I Am Not the Doer”

    Once you experience the path of surrender, stay there. Let it come to you. Like Mohammad and Buddha did and stop the pursuit. Yogi Bhajan found the best line for this while we were in a parking lot. A big sign read, “don’t back up, severe tire damage!” How many of us are ready to

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    Take Your Place

    Take your place in this world, maintain the grace, and allow every event that you participate in to be a promotion of grace on earth. That is why we align our physicality by doing the yoga that we come to this class to do. By doing the mediations that we come to this class to

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    May Peace Prevail

    You and I are not separate beings. Whatever happens to you, happens to me; therefore, compassion isn’t an option, but an absolute necessity in life. I must care for you. We must care for each other. We must see the other as the self – no matter what.  By seeing the other as the self,

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    Stress & Success

    We exist via stress. If we were to completely de-stress, we would dissolve, we would fall apart. The trick is to maintain just enough stress to keep it together, because if you don’t maintain any stress at all – you will literally fall apart. The only way the material universe exists is via friction. Therefore,

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    Nourish the Now

    Decompress yourself. Compression creates worry, fear and doubt; all of those classical negative attitudes. With levity, you manifest love within and around you. Love is quantum and contagious in that way. The only way you can activate the deep sense of levity is by creating emotional balance and mental stillness. Emotional balance is derived from

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    Right This Way

    The right side of your brain thinks in a parallel processor, which is a quantum process and can only comprehend the present moment. The present moment to the right brain, is a continuum. The past, present and future do not exist. They are a single moment. The left side of the brain slices that single

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    Deep Sensing

    Sense the pure existence of your life. Be aware that you are breathing. Experience the sensations in your hands and invoke the divine presence that vibrates from within and without. Allow the blessing of the divine presence to enter into the cells of your body. At some point you may feel your heart beat. Now

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