• Posted on: 20th October 2016 / in: Awareness, Creativity, Evolution, Exploration, GuruSingh

    Darkness Precedes Light

    When you dive into higher consciousness, you’re often responding to existential frustration, an overwhelming curiosity, a deep sense that something’s missing, or perhaps from “there must be more.” This collective protocol is highly accelerated in this moment . . . there’s extreme phenomena in the cosmos. The Universe expands — it’s called the ‘red-shift’ —

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  • Posted on: 19th October 2016 / in: Connection, GuruSingh


    Every time you come to this Earth, you have an instant relationship with every soul-body who’s wanting to know what you know . . . to master the human technology you’ve mastered. Then there’s that pesky thing called timidity, nervousness, and intimidation that pays you a visit. This is not a bad thing, it has

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  • Posted on: 18th October 2016 / in: Awareness, Balance, Consciousness, Evolution, GuruSingh

    Become the Solution

    When you’re no longer needing a witness; when you are no longer wanting to be ‘OK’ . . . this is when you’re open to the surprise of being phenomenal in ways that you’ve never imagined. There’s a known fact in metaphysics: you must release ‘wanting’ in order to embrace ‘having’ . . . wanting

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  • Posted on: 17th October 2016 / in: Brain, Compassion, GuruSingh, Mind

    Humane Awareness

    There’s an aspect of the human brain-mind correlation — known to those who master it — as radical omnipresence. It’s the consequence of ancient memorizing . . . the knowledge of where every part of your being has traveled on its journey through matter and incarnations. Born from the infinite void as a soul-body, you’ve

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  • Posted on: 16th October 2016 / in: Consciousness, Evolution, GuruSingh

    Ignite Re-evolution

    You — the soul-bodies who’ve flown beyond space at the end of countless lifetimes — liberating over and over again . . . know the extent of the cosmos . . . know this Universe and planet Earth are but one amongst the countless. It’s clear in these vast spaces that this Universe is but

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  • Posted on: 15th October 2016 / in: Daily Practice, GuruSingh

    Reverberating Wholeness

    When the sun sets in the evening, it’s rising somewhere else; when the doors close on your plans, they’re opening other aspects; whenever you’re at a loss for words, awaken new perspectives . . . listen deeply to the silence. In the structural wilderness of the material universe, this is known to the mystics and

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  • Posted on: 14th October 2016 / in: Compassion, Consciousness, GuruSingh


    We are entering an age of higher awareness, and in this time there’s a natural elevation of the human psyche into unknown measurements. One can either subscribe to these new measurements and their values, or ignore them . . . even fight against them. Because of the intensity of this new elevation, it’s becoming increasingly

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  • Posted on: 13th October 2016 / in: Consciousness, Destiny, GuruSingh, Meditation

    Immortal Authority

    Hunger always arrives to cause a meal to be found, prepared, or chosen. Real food takes time . . . there’s no such thing as “fast food.” There’s fasting — not eating at all — and there’s food fit to eat . . . you either fast, or you eat. The same is true with

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  • Posted on: 12th October 2016 / in: Compassion, Connection, GuruSingh

    The Human Compass

    Healthy soil contains billions of tiny microorganisms that help plants thrive and keep our food supply abundant. With this high diversity of microbiology, the soil functions more efficiently to the extent that these microorganisms — and their function of breaking down the organic matter — is more important than water, environment, or temperature. Research has

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  • Posted on: 11th October 2016 / in: Daily Practice, GuruSingh, Intuition, Purpose

    Put a Filter on Your Focus

    This is the information age — the public conversation, the noise in the background of the collective psyche has become destabilizing to the human mindset. There’s a need for a clear path. Most of humanity is in a state of confusion, grasping for straws of stability in the winds of information. Within this atmosphere of

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