• Posted on: 19th January 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Don’t Interrupt the Silence

    Intuition is the discovery of the unemotional and unimaginable amongst the emotions and feelings that want to control the waves of chaotic human attitudes. It’s the noiselessness amongst the noise . . . the deep silence that’s always calm, accurate and present no matter how chaotic the levels on the surface are. This is the

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  • Posted on: 18th January 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Invest in Solutions

    Feelings are composite drawings of times within times that have been accumulated over the genetic lineage of a family’s generational history. They’re not accurate measures of what’s actually taking place in the present, because they’ve so much that’s invested from the past. But as defense mechanisms they’ll organize a brute response to the moment in

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  • Posted on: 17th January 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Wake Up

    In order for the universe to persist — to exist beyond any moment leading to momentum and then to all those momentous opportunities — it must be constantly in motion, in a continuous state of change, inherently unpredictable, and radically disruptive to any stasis. This is not logical and never controllable . . . it

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  • Posted on: 16th January 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Imagination, Intuition and Creativity

    This world — by Carl Jung’s definition — is clinically insane. It does the same things over and over, check expecting different responses. Every year the flu changes and needs a new vaccine. If you don’t imagine the next opportunity, pharm the possibility won’t be available when it arrives. Allow your imagination to release you

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  • Posted on: 15th January 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Discover Who You Truly Are

    Conscious humans must now take uncomfortable actions and become comfortable in the discomfort. Unconsciousness is destroying life by stealing the Earth’s treasury of resources. The solutions aren’t completely known, but now is the time to take the drastic actions that uncover them. Predicted by prophets throughout history; now is when innovative ‘radical-disrupters’ must implement dreams

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  • Posted on: 14th January 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    New is Now

    Thieves have captured three dimensional power, cialis but there’s dimensions beyond this which they’ve no recognition of, and are in denial of, that have far greater power. This is an advantage of consciousness, and now is the time to take advantage of this advantage. Make a New Year’s resolution that you’ll create a NEW way

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  • Posted on: 13th January 2017 / in: Teaching


    Since the atomic revolution of the middle twentieth century, many children are being born with hyper-sensitivity. This is an evolutionary reaction to the reality that humans could annihilate themselves . . . a reaction of nature to the wholesale insanity of not seeing everyone as equal. You are most certainly amongst these hyper-sensitives, caught in

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  • Posted on: 12th January 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog


    Bigotry, phobias and discrimination are territorially driven miscalculations within the human imagination. This has been going on for thousands of years with survival conflicts and tribal disputes over unrecognized kinship and conflicting land rights. Whenever a society takes advantage, or promotes a collective bigotry, then evolution reverses it’s flow — becomes devolution — a root

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  • Posted on: 11th January 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    I Am, Therefore, I Am

    “I am, therefore I am,” is a common teaching amongst the greatest masters of enlightened consciousness throughout human history. The root of these teachings of “I am” is found in nearly every language, in some form or another, and it means that the “I” is what “is” . . . the basis in the existence

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  • Posted on: 10th January 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    The Flower of Life

    The flower of life is a continuous intertwining of the seeds and flowers that are forever present in full presence . . . the essence and pressures that existence displays in the petals within the seeds. Like the truths in oral teachings — the ancients used rhymes and rhythms to convey their mutable times with

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