• Posted on: 31st October 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    The True Now Is Fully Inclusive: The Amount of Time Is Not In The Measure, But The Quality of It

    Do you manifest something by creating something? No, you manifest by accepting something that you already are that is hinted to you by your desire. Very good sincere students of ours in Toronto gave birth to a baby boy on October eleventh. Baby was born at home. They said the air was thick and I

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  • Posted on: 30th October 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    You Are A Relationship – You Are Exactly What You Want To Be

    The moment you start to individuate, someone other than yourself is less than yourself . . . game over. It’s a social pastime, you get an A in class but you flunk life. Perception, time, is a single thread with no beginning and no end and time weaves that single thread through all space. Time

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  • Posted on: 29th October 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    A Matter of Trust – Learn To Sing From The Heart

    How our world unfolds is all about perception. Just like when you are singing or chanting, some are very cognoscente of the voice and some are very cognoscente of the sensation of the throat, some are very evanescent of other people’s voices. Everyone has a different perception in a room full of people singing. There

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  • Posted on: 28th October 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    Learn To Surrender To The Grinding Wheel of Time

    The beauty of commitment is that in quantum mechanics the observed and the observer become synonymous so if you have absolute faith and trust in the teacher then that system called teacher or whatever it is constructed of, cannot fail you. But the moment you begin to withdraw from that commitment you begin to argue

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    Perceiving Without Preference

    Before she knew she was ill Young Guru Simran Kaur who passed away about four year at the age of fourteen, wrote a poem. This poem and the hukum that was taken and I will read them to you because we have been following the situation. Absolutely perceiving her own passing without preference. Feeling the

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  • Posted on: 27th October 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    The Purpose of a Teacher

    Life is always a threat and because life is always so threatened you feel that you need to dominate. But others actually trust and because they trust . . . they trust almost everything. Each of us falls into a particular category and each of us applies our concentration on something that we actually believe

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  • Posted on: 24th October 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    The Capacity To Expand Your Belief System

    On the tree of life we are all leaves and this tree is not an evergreen, it is an exiguous so the leaves drop from season to season. You are born and you die. But the life doesn’t die, the leaf expels it’s life force and consequently turns yellow, red, brown, whatever color its particular

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  • Posted on: 17th October 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    Spiritual Names

    In the early days of my Kundalini career, I was a constant stream of questions and fortunately I had Yogi Bhajan’s attention because I was his driver so whenever we drove, questions followed. So much so that at one point he gave me the nickname Question Singh. Early on when we began to get our

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  • Posted on: 16th October 2014 / in: GuruSingh

    Begin To See That Within Yourself That You Want To See Everywhere Else

    Not only is the practice of yoga having an effect on you because you are overriding the brain’s insistent nature – this is also having an effect upon you through the pressures that you are shifting in your body. You are creating an opportunity for your DNA to begin to shine with it’s original destiny

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    If you practice yoga enough and long enough it establishes a routine within you where you are not getting up in the morning and obeying what your brain or your feelings decide . . . what the day should be . . . or something that your brain or feelings established a long time ago

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