• Posted on: 25th August 2016 / in: Awareness, Breathing, GuruSingh, Natural Law

    Mother Earth

    Mother Earth is a living being; she contains the knowledge of every life that has ever lived upon her body and been born from her elements. She speaks a vast encompassing language — one that’s obviously foreign to most human ears — but many of the animals, and all of the plants and minerals completely

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  • Posted on: 24th August 2016 / in: Daily Practice, Exploration, GuruSingh

    Be a Map Maker

    In the days after the “flat-Earth” became “round,” the most valuable items were the maps. With these, the adventurers were able to circumnavigate Earth and explore unknown regions. Once again — here today — we’ve reached a moment of profound revelation. Consciousness is becoming infinite — which is another form of a “flat” world becoming

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  • Posted on: 23rd August 2016 / in: GuruSingh, Relationships


    Marriage is a complex word: MA means the moon energy; RA means the sun energy, and AGE means time. Ma-ra-age: a time when the moon (female) and the sun (male) relate and fully reflect. Marriage is not expressly between a man and a woman . . . it’s between the male and female energy and

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  • Posted on: 22nd August 2016 / in: Enlightenment, GuruSingh, Time

    Just Add Light

    The unfolding of time is a bit like a freeze-dried product (where you just add water) . . . with time, you just add light. Every moment has every “thing” — it’s a full spectrum. The amount of light you add will determine the nature and outcome of the moment. You can stop time at

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  • Posted on: 21st August 2016 / in: GuruSingh, Reality, Space-Time

    Be Here Now

    Quadrillions of years ago, the multiverse came alive from the infinity of zero . . . the unimaginable nothing. First stage: countless quantum specks appeared throughout the vast expansiveness . . . space before space. Second stage: the quantum specs ballooned at the rate of a million, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion times their

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  • Posted on: 20th August 2016 / in: Gravity/Levity, GuruSingh, Imagination

    Make Friends with the Thief

    Gravity is vital to life, and it’s also known in mythology as the “inch-thief.” It keeps you grounded, and it also steals the inches from life — one micro-measure and micro-moment with every breath. Tapping on the window of time, it’s like a hammer of construction and destruction — working on the sacred, and through

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  • Posted on: 19th August 2016 / in: GuruSingh, Intuition

    The Terrible Two’s

    There’s a time, in the life of every child, known to parents as “the terrible two’s.” The reality of this time has been in the minds and teachings of the great intuitive masters for thousands of years . . . all in their understanding of evolution. Human consciousness begins to assert it’s independence at two

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  • Posted on: 18th August 2016 / in: GuruSingh, Mystics

    A Mystic’s Dynamic Silence

    A mystic’s dynamic silence: the ability to express the deepest wisdom without words. It’s a holistic way of being a masterful presence . . . a path to follow where you clearly walk your talk — that doesn’t talk. Yogi Bhajan once told a story of his own Grandmother — she was the village wisdom-keeper

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  • Posted on: 17th August 2016 / in: Emotions, GuruSingh, Imagination

    Being an Absolute Outlier

    More than two-thirds of the Earth is covered in saltwater; only 3% of all land is occupied by humans; 70% of Earth’s fresh surface-water is frozen in the Antarctica; there’s an ocean of fresh water larger than all the oceans of the world combined that sits two hundred miles below the surface of the Earth,

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  • Posted on: 16th August 2016 / in: GuruSingh, Time

    Each Moment

    The quantum reveals every moment has a microscopic beginning, middle and end. Immeasurable by the actual measure of time — beginnings are always fresh, middles sustain the moment’s momentum, and ends bring closure — or not — one nano-beat at a time. The ending is where the nature of every moment is remembered, but the

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