• Posted on: 27th July 2016 / in: Awareness, GuruSingh

    Live in this Higher Awareness

    Whenever you’ve missed an opportunity, remember that time is a wave, and a wave behaves like this — the wave itself travels through the water, but the water remains in place. Therefore, when the next wave arrives, the opportunity is there again . . . if you’re open to it. When you’re fully aware as

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  • Posted on: 26th July 2016 / in: Awareness, GuruSingh

    Just Listen Deeply

    The web of a spider is like the structure of an awakened human’s life — precise, gentle, dramatically strong, and patterned with highly geometric symbolology . . . the abode of unusually accurate wisdom that’s able to capture the nourishment of any moment . . . “good” or “bad”. The web of an awakened human

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  • Posted on: 25th July 2016 / in: Body, GuruSingh, resonance

    Live in Your Light

    The human quantum crystal biology — the phenomenal content in the fluids that make up 75% of your physical body, is mutable — it changes according to the angles of lightness, and or darkness, in your overall attitude in life. You can even change this at will when your will runs deep enough. It’s the

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  • Posted on: 24th July 2016 / in: Connection, Consciousness, GuruSingh

    Synchronize with the Total

    Pratyahar is the state of conscious awareness that synchronizes your smallest parts with the total . . . connecting your finite being with the Infinite. The emotional sensation of this connection is known as joy. The common “noise” of all the social and cultural indoctrination is what influences the human psyche to lose touch with

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  • Posted on: 23rd July 2016 / in: GuruSingh, Relationships

    Lose your Worst Critic

    When you have yourself as your own best friend, you’ve lost your worst critic. Dishonesty amongst friends is generally a weakness of courage rather than an intention to be false. In the face of such a weakness, it’s forgiveness and compassion that returns the relationship to its strength without loss. This is how self-forgiveness is

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  • Posted on: 22nd July 2016 / in: Diet, Discovery, GuruSingh

    Your Food

    Eight to Ten thousand years ago, humans began cultivating their food . . . it’s had remarkable benefits and significant setbacks. Saving seeds was innovative; it enabled far more predictable food sources, but also sacrificed the human’s ‘botanical’ sense — a sense that early humans used to understand the difference between nutritional, medicinal, and pathological

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  • Posted on: 21st July 2016 / in: GuruSingh, Imagination, Knowing

    You are the Possibility in Every Impossibility

    Everything humans have ever created outside themselves, are things mimicking the world that exists inside. The wheel; the radio; the ability to record light and sound . . . you’ve replaced telepathy with telephony; the wheel mimics red blood cells rolling through the capillaries; the radio is your thoughts arriving from the constant broadcast of

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  • Posted on: 20th July 2016 / in: Evolution, GuruSingh

    You’re Just in Time

    We’re entering a new era of evolution — an era that’s never been known before . . . we’re entering the era of enlightenment. This is not “Pollyanna” — this is evolution’s necessity . . . there’s no other way for seven, eight, nine and ten billion people to occupy this small planet without destroying

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  • Posted on: 19th July 2016 / in: Awareness, Consciousness, GuruSingh

    Become that Enlightened Pioneer

    Over the past months the Earth has smashed through centuries of global temperature records by margins beyond scientific imagination. This data from NASA, has led scientists to call this global trend a “climate emergency”. These same trends were in the prehistory of the planet . . . a time of massive instability; extinctions of untold

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  • Posted on: 18th July 2016 / in: Consciousness, GuruSingh, Natural Law

    Create Conscious Rhythms

    In ancient yogic teachings, moments were measured in what they called taals . . . the rhythms and coordination of the breaths and heartbeats — either 3/4 or 4/4 based timings. 3/4 is the rhythm of the heart, and 4/4 is the rhythm of the brain. Your ability to absorb and make sense of life

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