• Posted on: 27th February 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    The Outlaw’s Responsibility

    Vastu Shastra — the science of sacred architecture — the relationship of space upon space in the most benevolent way. It’s the relationships throughout all nature and throughout all evolution in history. This is the proprioception of the cosmos, the placement of all things in their third dimensional space. Since time — as the fourth

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  • Posted on: 26th February 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Rest Your Emotional Body

    Living in the emotional charges of this present day world is toxic to the senses of all living creatures . . . nothing and no one is immune. There’s so much noise compared to the meaningful signals . . . the true music of the cosmos is unnoticeable amongst the din of the chaos. But

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  • Posted on: 25th February 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    The New Magi

    This world is entering a new era — all of the human roles and relationships are changing. Some will react by reaching back for older known ways with extreme nationalism; fanatic religious attitudes; phobias beyond imagination, and become violent as this birthing/dying takes place. Yet there are newer roles to be worked into these times

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  • Posted on: 24th February 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    You’re a Magacian

    These are the times of epic challenge — like some historical prophecy in a world without harmony, or any natural empathy, and beset by non-reality, while falling into agony. You’ve awakened here — an unverified magician from the threshold of infinity, dancing in your memories of some remarkable destiny . . . yet assigned to

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  • Posted on: 23rd February 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Act Your Age

    Your lives are ancient — reaching back far beyond any imagination, and outside all the measures discussed even by astro-physics. Cute stories are made up so that the human brain, which is very two dimensional — ruled by logic — can make sense of the magnitudes that makes no logical sense. Those who want to

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  • Posted on: 22nd February 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Commit to Being the Solution

    So often it’s said that humans are the highest lifeform on Earth, but this is not universally true. Cruelty, savagery, and brutality are found in the human cultures, not in other animals, and this is not a sign of higher consciousness. The Earth is a “one-room schoolhouse” and though some are exalted — most are

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  • Posted on: 21st February 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    The Infinite Nature of Innocence

    Life travels in tribes throughout incarnations to locate each other on the various planets throughout the megaverses. You befriend each other; marry each other; give birth to each other; are born from each other, or fight each other . . . over and over, through lifetimes. This is family — it’s familiar – and sometimes

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  • Posted on: 20th February 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Value Every Life

    There are powerful comparisons between the Earth’s first mass extinction 542 million years ago, and what’s happening today. There have been six major extinctions — the first was the ‘end-Ediacaran’. The fossil records of just after this extinction show a sudden increase in burrowing activity . . . everything living underground to survive. When surface

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  • Posted on: 19th February 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Life is a Teacher

    Everything in your life is a teacher — every moment of time; every section of space, and everything within each of these. It’s all an example of who you are in the details (the pixels), from the projection of its light, sound and vibration, to the interpretation from every angle of reception on your side.

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  • Posted on: 18th February 2017 / in: Guru Singh Blog

    Your Birthright

    Angel’s wind: a phrase used to describe the hunches, insights, and intuitions, that when used to process life, are there to inspire and lead you through critical moments. When you experience pressure for any reason, it’s a signal from the “dashboard” of your life, that you’re deeper connection with these winds, with your inspired hunches,

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