• Posted on: 30th November 2015 / in: Brain, Chanting, Sound

    music to move you

    They’ve done computer studies on the human physical body and found that with zero tension, pressure, stress and friction it’s capable of lasting for 335 years. Therefore, the length and health of your life will depend on how successfully you manage the interference and disruptions. In the ancient days, so many of the great masters taught

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  • Posted on: 29th November 2015 / in: Brain, Time

    a connection to source

    All that’s lost simply exists in a new location and often the search to find it walks you through moments of your life that you might otherwise be unwilling to walk through. You can set a course to lose and release all that holds you back, then coordinate your observation to find it’s new location

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  • Posted on: 28th November 2015 / in: Nature, Pressure

    reasons for the storms

    Hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons all come out of the tropics where the rain forest foliage produces the majority of our Earth’s oxygen. It’s in the swirling turbulence of air in these gigantic storms where the centripetal movement forces the oxygen into the atmosphere. How ironic, these massive and disruptive storms maintain the life sustaining value

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  • Posted on: 27th November 2015 / in: Teaching

    grow beyond your expectations

    An effective way to express your love of life and grow beyond your expectations, is to dedicate yourself to becoming even greater than that which you respect and admire. This is known in yoga as the path of bhakti . . . it’s effectiveness is stellar. It literally bypasses your fear of the unknown, of

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  • Posted on: 26th November 2015 / in: Meditation, Time, Yogic History

    galloping stallion

    The mytho-scientific realities of unified space-time (unified as Einstein saw it from a perspective without relativity) are obscured from those who rely on only logic for verification. This  non-logical angle of observation, called the ‘galloping stallion’ by pre-Colombian medicine people, requires huge faith and courage to become anywhere close to your belief. Once in your

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  • Posted on: 25th November 2015 / in: Identity, Time

    light in the mind

    Human life is an experience in magnificence when done with the courage to make mistakes. You are the only creature to consistently learn and grow from mistakes . . . other species often perish from them. Sacred texts define humans as created in the image of GOD. The word when broken down: ‘hu’ actually means

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  • Posted on: 24th November 2015 / in: Identity, Time

    Self-value is a relationship

    Self-value is the relationship you have to your identity in space-time . . . that which you are and that which you’re not. Through the space you occupy and the space around you . . . the time you’ve passed through and the time yet to come, the value you place on you is reflected

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  • Posted on: 23rd November 2015 / in: Brain, Commitment, Time

    guarantees & gambles

    Imagine how long it took to harness the wind; to discover cotton; to learn how it could be spun into thread; to then invent weaving all the threads together, and finally producing the cloth of a sail. Tens of thousands of years were spent discovering each micro-step along the way. Discovery comes with conscious intent

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  • Posted on: 16th November 2015 / in: Sound, Time

    possibilities within the invisibility

    The three dimensional material world is a fractal equation that spirals into the form of fourth dimensional time-out of zero dimensional nothing. The actual sensation of this space and the memory of time are the fantastic opinions observing illusional yet influential angles in the midst of an endless mirage. Think of this the next time

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  • Posted on: 15th November 2015 / in: Commitment, Teaching

    compassionate awareness

    A fact of nature is that evolution will attempt up to 50,000 innovations in order to get to one of them that works. Another fact is that only ‘point three percent’ of the world’s population is able to experience and understand the most advanced stages of human evolution. It is incumbent upon you to do

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