About Yogic Humanology

Crisis triggers evolution. Four million years ago, the primates stood up and evolved into what we now call human beings.

Now, humans are standing up into spiritually fulfilled beings on a massive scale. This evolutionary process is caused by changes in the environment, which through natural selection allows the most adaptable beings to survive and grow within the new constraints.

In the primate-dominated world, the key question was: “How do I secure food and shelter?” Those who took the risk and stood up on their feet used their hands to build shelter and gather food.

Over the past five thousand years, a new question has emerged. For a long time, it was the focus of yogis, philosophers, artists and prophets. It is now being asked by millions of people around the globe: “Who am I and what is my purpose?”

The primates arrived at their question because of the sensation of hunger for food and the desire to avoid physical pain. Humans have arrived at this question because of the hunger for happiness and the desire to avoid existential pain.  In our current environment, shelter and food alone do not quench the thirst for purpose.

The spiritual standing up is a process of discovery and purification of the powers and knowledge that naturally exist within us. It is a process of alignment of our physical, emotional and mental bodies, which once aligned give us the projection of the Self with a strength never experienced before.

When we stand up for our higher Self and the wellbeing of all living beings, we are destined to experience the happiness and fulfillment for which we strive.