About the Team

Over the years, dozens of inspired individuals have contributed to our mission.

Here are the volunteers who have contributed to the creation and ongoing support of this site:


Brent Ballatore and Chloe Kovner

Brian Kraft

Dan Ardebili

Ditta Singh

Giancarlo and Jennifer Marcaccini

Grecco Buratto and Caro Pierotto

Haripurkh Khalsa

Howard Haselkorn

Ivana Kaz

Jai Inder Kaur and Jai Inder Singh

Jason Garner and Christi Garner

Jimmi Petula

Jocelyne Marechal

Julia Cyr and John Smart

Kathryn Korniloff

Kendall Guilburt

Kevin Hutchings

Marc Royce

Mary Mohler

Mary Seney Bucci

Mike Keesling

Nathan King

Nick Shapiro

Nikola Dimev

Oliver Efremov

Oshri Hakak

Paul Fenkart

Puneet Kaur

Ramprakash Singh and Kaur

Rob Karleskint

Sada Anand Kaur

Sam Saddigh

Stephan Spencer

Tamara Grace

Special thanks to the team at Yoga West Los Angeles, to the incredible musicians, and our team of advisors and friends.