About the Site

This site was created by Guru Singh’s students. Each one of us has been deeply touched, inspired, healed, and transformed by these teachings and feels enthusiastic about sharing this experience with others.

In order to provide ongoing access to these teachings, we record Guru Singh’s weekly classes at Yoga West in Los Angeles and make them available on the CLASSES page and on iTunes. They are a treasure for anyone looking for inspiration and clarity in their life.

For further study, we offer Guru Singh’s BLOG, which includes daily prayers and other gems from previous classes.  In the STORE section, you will find Guru Singh’s books, music, meditations, and opportunities for seva and giving.  PLANET ASHRAM is our community forum where we invite you to share stories, teachings, and messages from your lives, communities and projects.

Our mission is to provide these teachings and inspiration to seekers worldwide so that they can in turn teach and uplift others.

Please email us here: contact@gurusingh.com with your questions or comments, sign up for our newsletter, and share this site with others via the social media of your choice.